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San Francisco AIDS Foundation

The San Francisco AIDS Foundation was founded in 1982 in San Francisco's Castro district as an emergency response to a quickly emerging health crisis. Its primary purpose was simply to assemble and disseminate critical information to gay men who were being diagnosed with a rare and frightening cancer.

As the health crisis grew to epidemic proportions and spread into new populations, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation correspondingly grew and responded to new challenges. Building upon its original mission to educate, the AIDS Foundation added comprehensive services for people living with HIV disease and AIDS and an aggressive public policy component to compel federal and state governments to address the growing epidemic.

Seventeen years later, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation is firmly established as a global leader in the fight against AIDS. With an annual budget of $18 million, over 100 employees, 450 volunteers and 120,000 individuals served this year, the AIDS Foundation continues to face daunting challenges at every turn with compassion, dignity and a sense of purpose.

SFAF Bulletin of Experimental Treatments for AIDS

Mailing Address:
1035 Market Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

Telephone Numbers:
Subscription Office: (800) 959-1059
Editorial/content: (415) 487-8060
Fax: (415) 487-8069


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Saved By a 10-Pound Yorkshire Terrier Img
Personal Stories

Saved By a 10-Pound Yorkshire Terrier

Dr. Robert Garofalo fell into a dark place after being diagnosed with HIV. A new puppy, Fred, brought peace, joy and inspired him to help other people in need.

Meet Brandyn Gallagher Img
Personal Stories

Meet Brandyn Gallagher

"I went to a neurologist with paralysis in my hand, and not only did my paperwork say female on it, the only 'problem' listed on my paperwork was 'gender identity disorder.' That doesn't even exist and it was completely unrelated to the paralysis in ...

Finding New Ways to Deliver PrEP Img

Finding New Ways to Deliver PrEP

"When you look at [...] what you have available for prevention -- abstinence, behavior change, male/female condoms, medical male circumcision, even treatment as prevention -- a lot of these actually have very little space for women and young women wh...

David's Journey Img
Personal Stories

David's Journey

This June, David Duncan will hop on his bike for a bittersweet AIDS/LifeCycle. This will be his 16th ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to fight AIDS, and his last one. At least for now

Gay Men Moving Forward: A Q&A With Dr. Jeff Leiphart Img
Personal Stories

Gay Men Moving Forward: A Q&A With Dr. Jeff Leiphart

What is the legacy of the "AIDS Generation" -- gay men in midlife, people who lost friends or lovers to the epidemic, and activists, caregivers, and service providers on the front lines in the years before effective treatment -- and what are their ne...

Staying Well, Aging Well: Meet Stokes Img
Personal Stories

Staying Well, Aging Well: Meet Stokes

Diagnosed in 1985 and a former drug user, Stokes will be the first to say the past 28 years with HIV have not been easy - but has come out the other end a much older, wiser man.

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Condoms for Couples

But I feel awkward with them. How do I use condoms? How do I start talking about using condoms? When should I talk to my partner? Which condoms should I use? Step by step how to use a condom

What if my partner says ... ?      "They're not romantic."...

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The View From Here: San Francisco AIDS Foundation CEO Neil Giuliano

2011 marks the 30th year of AIDS. The anniversary is a time to reflect, and to look forward as we chart a course to the end of this epidemic.

This month we launch a special year-long series for the anniversary, "The View from Here." Leading advocate...

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Steve Gibson on PrEP: Your Questions Answered

A groundbreaking new study shows that antiretroviral drugs (ARVs), when taken correctly and offered along with condoms and counseling, could help to prevent HIV infection. Results show that taking the drug Truvada was associated with a 43.8% reductio...

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Transgender Health and HIV

Defining Transgender HIV Prevalence in the Transgender Population HIV Risk Among Transgenders Transgender Health and Hormone Therapy Sex Reassignment Surgery and HIV Optimizing Health Care Conclusion Selected Sources

Transgender Heal...