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The San Francisco AIDS Foundation was founded in 1982 in San Francisco's Castro district as an emergency response to a quickly emerging health crisis. Its primary purpose was simply to assemble and disseminate critical information to gay men who were being diagnosed with a rare and frightening cancer.

As the health crisis grew to epidemic proportions and spread into new populations, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation correspondingly grew and responded to new challenges. Building upon its original mission to educate, the AIDS Foundation added comprehensive services for people living with HIV disease and AIDS and an aggressive public policy component to compel federal and state governments to address the growing epidemic.

Seventeen years later, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation is firmly established as a global leader in the fight against AIDS. With an annual budget of $18 million, over 100 employees, 450 volunteers and 120,000 individuals served this year, the AIDS Foundation continues to face daunting challenges at every turn with compassion, dignity and a sense of purpose.

SFAF Bulletin of Experimental Treatments for AIDS

Mailing Address:
1035 Market Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

Telephone Numbers:
Subscription Office: (800) 959-1059
Editorial/content: (415) 487-8060
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Transgender Health and HIV

Defining Transgender HIV Prevalence in the Transgender Population HIV Risk Among Transgenders Transgender Health and Hormone Therapy Sex Reassignment Surgery and HIV Optimizing Health Care Conclusion Selected Sources

Transgender Heal...

By Kimberly Keller, M.Sc. for San Francisco AIDS Foundation
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HIV Testing

Why Should You Get Tested for HIV? What Are HIV Antibody Tests?

  Western Blot (WB) Assay
  Indirect Immunofluorescence Assay (IFA)

Window Period Interpretation of Test Results Accuracy of Antibody Tests Anonymous HIV Te...

By San Francisco AIDS Foundation
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Frequently Asked Questions About HIV/AIDS

What is the difference between HIV and AIDS? How is HIV transmitted? What are the symptoms of HIV? What are the symptoms for AIDS? How long after a possible exposure should I be tested for HIV? I have heard there are many different types ...

By San Francisco AIDS Foundation
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Frequently Asked Questions About Hepatitis

What is Hepatitis? What is the difference between Hepatitis A, B, and C? What are the signs and symptoms of active Hepatitis infection? Is there a vaccine, treatment, or a cure for Hepatitis? Where can I get Hepatitis A and B vaccines? Ho...

By San Francisco AIDS Foundation
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Substance Use

Frequently Asked Questions About Crystal Methamphetamine

How can I find an agency near me that provides information and services to gay and other men who have sex with men, who use methamphetamine? What is methamphetamine? What are the short-term effects of methamphetamine use? What are the long-te...

By San Francisco AIDS Foundation
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How HIV Damages the Immune System

Introduction HIV Targets T Cells HIV Takes Control of T Cells HIV Replicates


The basic structure of HIV is similar to that of other viruses (Figure 1). HIV has a core of genetic material surrounded by a protective sheath, calle...

By San Francisco AIDS Foundation
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How the Immune System Fights Disease

Introduction Normal T Cell Response to Infection HIV Interferes With Normal Immune Response


The immune system is a complex network of cells and chemicals. Its mission is to protect us against foreign organisms and substances. The...

By San Francisco AIDS Foundation
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Needle Exchange Questions and Answers

Does needle exchange reduce the number of HIV infections? Does needle exchange increase drug use? Does needle exchange increase the number of contaminated syringes on the streets? How can needle exchange help a community? Do Americans suppo...

By San Francisco AIDS Foundation
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Reducing the Risk of Getting HIV From Injection Drug Use

What Is the Risk? How Can Transmission Be Prevented? Injection Drugs & Hepatitis Needle Exchange Programs Drugs, Sex and HIV Transmission

What Is the Risk?

It is well documented that people who share syringes are at risk of being infected...

By San Francisco AIDS Foundation
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How HIV Is Spread

Requirements for Transmission to Occur Where Is HIV Found in the Body?

Infectious "Bodily Fluids"
  Possibly Infectious "Bodily Fluids"
  Non-Infectious "Bodily Fluids"

Ways of Preventing HIV From Entering the Body Ways in which H...

By San Francisco AIDS Foundation