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Ryan M. Kull, C.S.W

Ryan M. Kull, C.S.W., is a clinical social worker and co-director of the Gay Health Advocacy Project (GHAP), a program of Columbia University's Health and Related Services in New York City. He received his masters degree in social work from the Columbia University School of Social Work. The Gay Health Advocacy Project was one of the first college-based programs to provide HIV testing in this country. GHAP continues to provide campus-wide HIV testing, counseling and treatment management, and has served as a model for other University programs. GHAP is equally committed to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons (LBGT) at Columbia University where Mr. Kull provides counseling, advocacy and innovative programming for those communities. The Next Generation Project -- an LBGT mentoring program to help bridge the generational gap in the community -- is one of GHAP's newest programs. Mr. Kull has been working with HIV-related issues in New York City for the past ten years, specifically focusing on it's impact in the gay community. His work has ranged from working for AIDS and LBGT-related media organizations to case work services for HIV-positive persons at Harlem Hospital Center. He was most recently a counselor at New York's Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center where he provided individual, couples and group counseling around issues of substance abuse, addictions and HIV for the Project Connect program. He has also facilitated support groups at Housing Works for HIV-positive gay men. Mr. Kull is also in private practice in New York City providing psychotherapy services. To contact him, click here.

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Condom storage

I used a condom the other day that had been in my center counsil of my truck, which had been there for a few weeks. It is very hot where I live too. My concern is, would the heat affect the condoms effectiveness? Once I used it I checked it by puttin...

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Hiv outside the Body

Hello Ryan, Please help put me out of my anxiety. I dont want to waste your time but i cant sleep. I received protected oral sex from a sex worker. Having read every one of your replies on this subject im happy the risk is low. My concern now is the ...

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Mr. Kull-please answer

Mr. Kull, I recently used someone elses toothbrush the other night and am now concerned about the HIV virus being spread this way. I had bitten my cheek earlier that night and I also have wisdom teeth coming in with broken skin. What are the chances ...

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Concerned for nursing toddler after cut my finger on glass

When out in a club in NYC, I was in the restroom and there were empty used dirty glasses sitting beside the sink. One of the glasses slipped into the sink and somehow cut my finger. It was a very minor cut, but it did bleed somewhat and was sore for ...

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Man's Breast Friend

I know, I know, the question I am asking is silly. But, I am very anxious about a situation and would appreciate your response. A month ago, I was getting a lap dance in a strip club and my mouth grazed the dancers breast and pierced nipple. I didn't...

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Will symptoms of HIV show in just days

Hello, your Q and A's are very comforting to me you seem to be a very positive doctor the world needs more of them. My question is would a person see symptoms of HIV within 2 to 2.5 days of contact not just with HIV but with any Sti. And would sore t...

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Please please help me, I cant live like this

Please help me Ryan. I need some help from you. Im so anxious I cant live a normal life. Please tell me the risks in the follwoing scenario. I visited a lap dancing bar where I received protected oral (BJ). All the behind the sceens work is in a smal...

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Insertive Anal Sex Worried

I had unprotected insertive anal sex with a guy almost three months ago. Since that time I have had no worries since he told me he was negative at the time. But, recently it has come to my attention through third parties that he is testing positive. ...

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Condom Breakage

Hi, Ryan. Please forgive my poor English. I am a Chinese and feeling the terrible of Condom Breakage. Refer to your answered question, you always use this sentence "Having a condom breakage happen to you can be an upsetting experience. It is importan...

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Doctor says condoms don't work

Dear Ryan, I need some clarification on condom effectiveness. I have had a few vaginal intercourse episodes with sex workers, all with a latex condom from start to finish and I usually look to verify that my condom is intact when I finish. Then I ran...