Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee is a writer based in Atlanta and a columnist for the Georgia Voice newspaper, which focuses on LGBT issues in the South.

Categories Covered:PrEP (HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), HIV Stigma and Discrimination, HIV Prevention and Transmission, Gay Men, Financial Issues

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Elton John AIDS Foundation Announces U.S. Grantmaking After Extensive Overhaul

Following months of uncertainty, funding of transgender and black gay organizations will continue in partnership with AIDS United.

By Ryan Lee

As HIV Rates Soar in Louisiana, LSU Withholds PrEP Coverage

Baton Rouge has had the highest HIV rates in the nation for years. Yet, Louisiana State University's biggest insurance policy does not cover PrEP.

By Ryan Lee

Sanjay Johnson Faces Prison Sentence in Arkansas HIV Crime Trial

Sanjay Johnson's attorney seeks to overturn state law, and even his accuser worries Johnson's potential sentence is too severe.

By Ryan Lee

Caterpillar Expands HIV PrEP Coverage Amidst Questions About Insurance Denials

Can a company be considered LGBTQ-friendly if its insurance policies ignore HIV-prevention trends?

By Ryan Lee

Publix Grocery Chain Denies PrEP Coverage to Its Employees

A provider in Atlanta says one of his patients employed by the large grocery store chain was denied insurance coverage for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) coverage, a method for preventing HIV transmission. Is their decision based on cost or conserva...

By Ryan Lee