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Hepatitis C Transmission and Prevention Img
Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Transmission and Prevention

We don't yet have a vaccine to prevent hepatitis C. In the meantime, here's how to prevent transmission.

Hepatitis C Treatment Guidelines Img
Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Treatment Guidelines

Hepatitis C treatment is a fast-moving area of medicine, with new drugs frequently coming onto the market and a constant stream of studies identifying the most effective treatment for specific groups of patients. Learn the guidelines for the use of t...

Hepatitis C: The Basics Img
Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C: The Basics

Know the basics of hepatitis C? This concise guide will tell you what you need to know.

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Hepatitis C

Sex and Hepatitis C: What Are the Risks?

Hepatitis C wasn’t always considered a sexually transmitted infection. That’s changed as doctors have seen a growing number of cases among HIV-positive gay men. Here, we examine the different risks associated with sexual transmission of hepatitis C.