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How safe is kissing after flossing?

I would like to know how safe kissing is after flossing. I am HIV- and my husband is HIV+. We always wait at least 3-4 hours after flossing before kissing. I do tend to bleed when I floss, so how long do you think we should wait before any sort of de...

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Sex with a HIV+ partner what can I do?

I have been seeing a guy for about 3 months now and it has come to the point that we are both ready to "consumate" our relationship. He is pos and I am neg. The problem that I am having is that I know that we have to practice safe sex, but I don't kn...

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does precum contain HIV,and where do test in los angeles santa clarita

HI,I am from another country,I found out that my sex partner is HIV+,we always practiced safe sex,but I am not sure if the precum touched the condom while putting on or not,I am very scared and want to test before I go back to my country because I wi...

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Research With Couples of Mixed HIV Status

All couples face challenges to the development and maintenance of their relationship. When helping a couple address their relationship difficulties, therapists have found that it is extremely important to work with the couple as a unit, rather than w...

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Safer sex with condom and pulling out?

My partner has tested + I am -, but very intersted in continuing our commited relationship with sex as part of it. He is very worried of putting me at risk, as you don't if you love someone. It is said that using condoms 100 of the time is safer sex,...

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HIV+ and Adoption

I was diagnosed as being HIV+ almost two years ago, and have been on a cocktail of Combivir and Sustiva. My CD4 is no 696 was 435 and Viral Load is undetectable at <400 was 80,000. My wife and I would love to have another child but don't want to tak...

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should I tell my sexual partners my HIV status

I am confused about disclosing my status to sexual partners. On one hand I feel obligated to protect them from getting HIV but I also feel I have the right to maintain my privacy. What do you do when a sexual partner insists on a sexual behaviour whi...

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hernias and HIV in it common

Doctor, Please answer this question. My wife is HIV positive and I'm negative. Recently, I developed what I think might be a hernia from picking up my 2 year old daughter. I have not had a test in about 2 years. I know it's time to get another test d...

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risk of infection with condoms

what are the chances of a positive male infecting a negative female during intercourse with a condom every time?

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Deep kissing & mouth ulcers

2 weeks ago I meet this terrific guy and we kissed for a few minutes. The following week we went to dinner & he told me he was HIV+ & that he has been for since he was 19, he is now 36. I'm a 37 yr old HIV- male. After he told me that, it didn't cha...