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Sex without condoms

iam a positve lady married to a loving and kind negative man,my last cd4 count as of April 2005 was 1080,with undectectable viral load.pls can i have sex without condom with my hubby now.

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does precum contain HIV,and where do test in los angeles santa clarita

HI,I am from another country,I found out that my sex partner is HIV+,we always practiced safe sex,but I am not sure if the precum touched the condom while putting on or not,I am very scared and want to test before I go back to my country because I wi...

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hernias and HIV in it common

Doctor, Please answer this question. My wife is HIV positive and I'm negative. Recently, I developed what I think might be a hernia from picking up my 2 year old daughter. I have not had a test in about 2 years. I know it's time to get another test d...