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Billboards -- Awareness or Stigma? A Blog Entry by Robert Breining

One of the reasons I decided to become so vocal about living with HIV is because in my neighborhood of Levittown, PA I don't see any HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns. I would only see billboards on 95 when I would travel to the city for my Dr. appointmen...

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My "Does HIV Look Like Me?" Video: A Blog Entry by Robert Breining

Three years ago I came to a crossroads in my life. I am not sure if it was a mid-life crisis or just me coming to the realization that all human beings have a purpose. At first I wanted to start sharing my story as a speaker. When I was looking for H...

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First-Ever ADAP Public Service Announcement: A Blog Entry by Robert Breining

About a month ago I participated in the first-ever public service announcement on the AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP). The PSA was directed by an Emmy-winning producer who filmed the first-ever AIDS PSA in the 1980s and Nancy Reagan's "Just Say ...

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November Shows and Guests: A Blog Entry by Robert Breining

November 7th at 9pm EST

Michelle Anderson -- One Positive Beauty Queen Listen LIVE -- Click Here

Michelle Anderson is an African-American woman who has been living for HIV since 1999. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas and is very active in her...

By Robert Breining

Philadelphia AIDS Walk 2010: A Blog Entry by Robert Breining

This past Sunday I walked in the Philadelphia AIDS Walk. This is something that I have been committed to doing since I launched POZIAM in 2007. So this walk was my 4th AIDS Walk ever. The night before my team the Philadelphia Falcons had a scrimmage ...

By Robert Breining

Awareness and Awards -- Kick HIV Tournament: A Blog Entry by Robert Breining

This past weekend I participated in and volunteered to help with the Kick HIV/Patae el VIH soccer tournament. As I may of mentioned I was really excited to be a part of this tournament. It brings two things that I hold near and dear to my heart (Socc...

By Robert Breining

"Project Runway's" Mondo Talks to POZIAM Radio: A Blog Entry by Robert Breining

Mondo Guerra, the rocking 32-year-old breakout star from the 8th season of "Project Runway," turned tear ducts to geysers during a past episode, when he revealed his HIV-positive status. Which was a secret he'd been hiding from his deeply religious f...

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Kicking HIV in Philly on National Latino AIDS Awareness Day: A Blog Entry by Robert Breining

Many of you all may have heard about Grassroot Soccer before. They use the power of soccer to empower and educate African youth. It would be a dream job for someone like myself. I currently play for the Philadelphia Falcons soccer club and have been ...

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My ADAP Crisis Summit Experience: A Blog Entry by Robert Breining

In a previous blog I spoke about becoming a board member of the ADAP Advocacy Association (aaa+). In July we held our ADAP Crisis Summit. I have to give props to Brandon Macsata for organizing this whole thing. He did a fantastic job.

With over 2,00...

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