River Huston

River Huston is an award-winning poet, journalist, performer and activist. She travels through the United States speaking on issues related to sexuality, communication, overcoming challenges and change. She has been featured on Good Morning America, Showtime, Nightline, CNN and ABC Up To The Minute. River has written three books of poetry as well as The Goddess: A Guide to Feminine Wisdom and A Positive Life: Portraits of Women Living With HIV. She wrote and performed a one-woman show, Sex, Cellulite and Large Farm Equipment: One Girls Guide to Living and Dying off off Broadway and is currently working on a second show, The Dominatrix Next Door. For more information about River you can go to riverhuston.com.

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On Being Sick: A Blog Entry by River Huston

"I have been broken and that is good because when the walls come tumbling down you have a second chance to experience even deeper forms of kindness, tenderness and love," River Huston writes. "It is my beautiful brokenness."

By River Huston

Loving Myself Too Much to Accept Stigmatized 'Love': A Blog Entry by River Huston

River Huston met someone -- handsome, funny and single -- and he seemed OK with her HIV status. That is until he said, "I think this works as long as you don't tell anyone we are together because of the AIDS."

By River Huston

Rape in Words and Actions: A Disclosure Story

"He snuggles his face into my neck and says, 'I think this works.' I'm all smiles and say, 'I do too.' And he says, 'As long as you don't tell anyone we are together, because of the AIDS, you know?'"

By River Huston

India: A Blog Entry by River Huston

"We stayed up all night, went deep into our hearts, and through meditation and visualization got to the root of my shame and sadness and identified this negative script I had written and come to believe."

By River Huston

Does HIV Still Bother Me, After 22 Years? A Blog Entry by River Huston

"I started to fantasize about what it would feel like to [take an HIV test again and] receive a negative result. It felt like a huge weight was lifted. I was shocked! After all this time I really did not think HIV had that much effect on me."

By River Huston

Being: A Blog Entry by River Huston

"In the race to get things done before HIV did me in, I wrote books, painted paintings and performed all over the world. ... My life had become so hectic and busy I just did not always have the ability to stop it. In December of 2010, I got off the m...

By River Huston

Bonus Rounds: A Blog Entry by River Huston

"I have been calling this time of my life the 'bonus rounds,' and they are. Some people called it blessed. I just feel it is a privilege to not just be alive, but have found some happiness and contentment in my life."

By River Huston

World AIDS Day Makes Me Sad: A Blog Entry by River Huston

"Even though I will stand up in front of yet another group of students and talk about how this is a preventable disease, I have no delusions after 22 years that my one talk will make much of a difference in their behavior," blogger River Huston admit...

By River Huston

Oops, I Did It Again: A Blog Entry by River Huston

River Huston is a rare breed: She likes to blend her HIV/sexual education with comedy (and vice versa). This combination doesn't always sit well with her audience -- as she learned once again at a recent "women empowerment evening." River writes, "I ...

By River Huston

Jumping Empty-Handed Into the Void: A Blog Entry by River Huston

"I no longer say, 'I lost everything,'" writes River Huston. "Now I say, 'I let it go; I shed one life for another.'" How did River end up broke, without her husband of 10 years, and living by herself on a tiny, remote island in the Caribbean? As she...

By River Huston