Rick Guasco

Rick Guasco is the creative director of Positively Aware, a Chicago-based publication providing accurate, up-to-date treatment information for people living with HIV and their caregivers. He's been living with HIV for more than 25 years.

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HIV: The Experience Is Your Own, But You're Not Alone in the Room

"I want people to understand that living with HIV is not an obstacle," says Armando Ramirez-Guzman, who has been living with HIV since 2003. "You can live life, go out and have fun, and enjoy a movie date."

By Rick Guasco for Positively Aware

Losing My Religion: He Lost His Church, but Joshua Stovall Found His Faith

Growing up in his father's church, Joshua Stovall had a religious upbringing. But it wasn't until he became HIV-positive that he discovered the real meaning of faith.

By Rick Guasco for Positively Aware

The Erotic Militarism of AIDS Activist Art

While ACT UP protested for better access to HIV medications in the late 1980s and '90s, artists loosely affiliated with the activist organization were producing some of the most iconic -- and controversial -- images of their time.

By Rick Guasco for Positively Aware

A Day With HIV: Everyday Pictures, Extraordinary Lives

It seemed like any other day, but Thursday, September 22 was A Day with HIV, and dozens of pictures were being posted on social media, accompanied by the hashtag #adaywithhiv.

By Rick Guasco for Positively Aware

On Track: Nina Martinez Continues to Shine a Light on Stigma

"I knew had a clinical understanding of HIV, but it wasn't until I moved to Atlanta that I started to learn about other HIV-related issues such as HIV criminalization, and how that's a form of stigma, and the role that race plays in HIV prevention an...

By Rick Guasco for Positively Aware

Staying in the Game: A Rugby Player Learns to Overcome Obstacles to Care and Treatment

"I often say that rugby saved my life, because along with my medications, I always knew that there was this big commitment in my life," Bhuttu Matthews says.

By Rick Guasco for Test Positive Aware Network

'Something More Important Than Fear': My Journey Back to Treatment

"The side effects came with almost the first pill. And during the day, a depression was beginning to settle in. I was afraid that this was my new normal," says Guasco of his struggles to make peace with HIV meds.

By Rick Guasco for Test Positive Aware Network

How Positively Aware Helped Save My Life

We here at TheBody know that media resources can help make a difference. Here's a story of how one helped save an activist's life.

By Rick Guasco for Test Positive Aware Network