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Positive Singles Speak Out About Living With HIV Img
Heterosexual Men

Positive Singles Speak Out About Living With HIV

From learning to love themselves to facing HIV stigma to the different benefits of disclosure, Richard Cordova shares the views of fellow members of

After I Cried All My Tears: Learning to Accept HIV Img
Personal Stories

After I Cried All My Tears: Learning to Accept HIV

Since becoming HIV positive 13 years ago, Richard Cordova has learned a lot about himself. Learning to accept his disease did not happen overnight. But he finally reached a breaking point thanks to a song.

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Will I ever find love?

Dear Richard, I dont know what to do. I feel so alone. Please help. I was diagnosed with genital Herpes about six months ago. As soon as I found out I told my boyfriend. He started screaming at me, telling me that hed better not have caught it, and a...

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Risk Assessment - Am I at risk? Or do I just have anxiety

Hello I hope someone can help me assess my risk. I recently was assigned to work in Canada for about a year now. last Wednesday, I went to a massage parlor for the first time in Scarborough Ontario. The girl is a polish lady, she first gave me massag...

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Safe sex with prostitute for less than 1 minute HIV?

Hi, I had safe sex with 2 prostitutes at separate times. Both times I lasted less than 10-15 seconds (something I am worried about too). But I am mostly certain that the condom was intact both times. Still worried about HIV. What are the chances?

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hiv not there

yesterday i was pricked by pen .i am thinking that manufacture had poured blood into it.iam afraid of that.i know it will not outside the body for may days ,i want ur answer to me .plzz doc

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HIV query

hello, on 9th of august i had an unprotected sex with an unknown person and the very same day i was suffering from throat pain and followed by cold and cough in later days. Now when i freaked out and knowing the risks of unprotected sex with an unkno...

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I had unprotected sex about 4 months ago doing so i infected my partner with an std (hpv). But now were getting tested for hiv if i have been hiv symptom free for these couple months does that mean im on the clear?

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Oral with Cut Chapped Lip.

Hello! Recently I gave a guy oral for like a minute or two. I did notice precum, but I was careful that it only went on my tongue. After he left, I noticed that my chapped bottom lip was slightly split, very small, but when I squeezed the cut, as you...

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very concerned

Thank you for your time. I performed oral sex on two men of unknown status in early August of this year. Both were fairly brief with no ejaculation but there may have been pre-cum. About three weeks after i developed slight sore throat which lasted a...