Ria Denise

My name is Ria and I want to welcome you to Lyfe Positive. I'm a 30ish, African-American female living with HIV.

I am finally at the stage where I need to let my voice be heard in hopes of inspiring those who fight the stigma. I know it's not going to be uncomplicated and I know that I have a long way to backtrack. But I am trying to be the woman I know I was meant to be.

This blog features the randomness of my psyche, realities of living with HIV, things I find interesting and the afrocentricity of me.

Welcome to my rediscovery.

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Latest by Ria Denise

Getting Poked: An Annual Flu Shot and Living With HIV -- A Blog Entry by Ria Denise

"My plans were to get a shot at my next visit to my infectious disease doctor but during my last visit, I was informed that their supply had not arrived. I got sick right after that: nasty cough, no voice, achy, ya know, the usual symptoms."

By Ria Denise

What? Adherence? What About It? A Blog Entry by Ria Denise

"I typically tend to go from well to having no energy throughout the day constantly. After a while, it becomes tiring trying to keep up with everything. So I have contemplated stopping medications due to just an abundance of stress."

By Ria Denise

The Soundtrack of My Life: A Blog Entry by Ria Denise

"Have you ever wanted to know what the soundtrack of your life would be? If moments in your life had a theme song that played or fit that exact moment what would it be? Here is what I came up with after a brief evaluation."

By Ria Denise

The Beginning of a New Me: A Blog Entry by Ria Denise

"I wasn't someone who fit the criteria for contracting the virus. I wasn't born to an infected mother, didn't engage in unprotected sex of any kind, and never received any blood transfusions or took part in intravenous drug use. It didn't cross my mi...

By Ria Denise