Rev. Andrena Ingram

Reverend Andrena Ingram (also known as "Pastor Andrena" or "Pastor Ingram") has become a strong advocate for those living in the margins, as she once was. She is an activist in the HIV/AIDS arena, herself living openly and unabashedly with the HIV virus for over 22+ years.

Raised in South Jamaica, New York, Reverend Ingram served seven years of active duty in the U.S. Army. She would later move to the South Bronx, where she attended Transfiguration Lutheran Church with Pastor Heidi Neumark as her pastor and mentor -- empowering her to rise up out of herself and her life challenges, which seemed to her, at the time, insurmountable.

Reverend Ingram is a graduate of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, with a Master of Divinity. She has been the pastor of St. Michael's Lutheran Church on Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa., for the past four years.

Reverend Ingram can frequently be found speaking about HIV/AIDS, encouraging everyone "to know your status, get tested, and be informed." Silence = Death.

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We Are Here, and We Are Tired: A Challenging, Amazing, Undetectable Year -- A Blog Entry by Rev. Andrena Ingram

"I was diagnosed with severe heart failure," writes Rev. Andrena Ingram of her recent illness. "In fact, I was asked: 'When did you have the heart attack?' Danged if I knew!"

By Rev. Andrena Ingram

Disease-Free, Clean and What? A Blog Entry by Rev. Andrena Ingram

When a Facebook friend proudly proclaimed she is "disease-free and clean," Rev. Andrena Ingram asked "What does it mean to be disease-free? Is it something to boast about?"

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Fighting HIV Stigma Through Support Groups, Friendship: A Blog Entry by Rev. Andrena Ingram

"It was somewhat of a surprise as I sat in the quiet of the fellowship hall, hoping for an HIV support group to appear, that Ernest would appear instead to be my support," Rev. Ingram writes.

By Rev. Andrena Ingram

Surviving HIV: POZ 100 Long-Term Survivors List

"As I told my bishop upon applying for seminary: 'There's no shame in my game.' Shame in and of itself can be a killer: a killer of the spirit, a killer of any semblance of positive thinking," Rev. Ingram writes.

By Rev. Andrena Ingram

Lipodystrophy 101, or Better Yet, 'You Lost Weight'

Reverend Andrena Ingram took photos of her arms, legs and tummy "to educate the masses" about how some HIV meds can affect some bodies.

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Transfusion of Grace: A Blog Entry by Rev. Andrena Ingram

Is there less stigma from getting HIV through a blood transfusion? Rev. Andrena Ingram discusses people's assumptions.

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Every Survivor Counts: A Blog Entry by Rev. Andrena Ingram

National HIV/AIDS Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day has given Andrena Ingram a moment to reflect on her life's journey.

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HIV: Put Out the Red Light

Sex workers are part of our community, and they need prevention and care services just as much as any of us, says Andrena Ingram in a new blog.

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The Bubble-Gut Dilemma

Pastor Andrena Ingram has some harsh truths to tell you about her tummy. But, this is the truth of her experience … even if it is TMI.

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The Beginning of the End of AIDS? You or Me? A Blog Entry by Rev. Andrena Ingram

After vowing to take a break and take care of herself, Andrena Ingram is back much sooner than expected to discuss how to begin getting to the end of AIDS.

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