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AIDS Ministry at the Quilt Display

Rev. Pieters' Journal from the AIDS Memorial Quilt Display in Washington, D.C.:

October 10, 1996 October 11, 1996 October 12, 1996 October 13, 1996

October 10, 1996

A long weekend of HIV/AIDS-related events, conferences, and demonstrations i...

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Reflections on the Suicide of a Circuit Partier

Steve Smith killed himself last month. He was the "circuit partier" who gave me the interview published here at The Body last October ("Interview with a Circuit Partier"). The printed obituaries implied that his suicide was because he was a longtime ...

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Support for HIV positive friend

I just found out yesterday that a good friend of mine at work has been diagnosed HIV positive. Stems from a rape two years ago. My friend is 49, female and jewish. She has already begun experiencing health problems related to the HIV; i.e. she has be...

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what happens at time of death?

My partner was recently taken from this earth by cancer that was somehow related to AIDS. He had great difficulty accepting that after death there would something other than darkness and aloneness. He became incapacitated before we could speak about ...

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How can a HIV- woman live with a HIV+ man?

This question is in response to a woman who was contemplating marrying someone with HIV. My husband and I have been married for four years.Before the wedding,I did a lot of praying and sought advise from people in our church. But in the end it was my...

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Cornering the market?

I can not understand why the hiv community think they have invented diease, suffering, and death. Everone dies from something, instead of this denial to mortality, why doesn't our community learn to have some degree of philosophy? Live evryday as tho...

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Interview with a Circuit Partier

After talking recently with Michelangelo Signorile, author of Life Outside, _and critic of the gay male circuit party scene, I wanted to talk with someone who is experiencing that scene. My question is: What is the appropriate pastoral response to in...

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Loss of virginity

Dearest rev., I recently lost my virginity to a 29 year old man, I am only 17. I am a strong Christian believer, and had made the true love waits promise to God, but obviously broke it. It wasn't really intentional at all, in fact he kind of forced ...

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HIV/AIDS: Is It God's Judgment?

Is HIV or AIDS God's Judgement?

Is HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus, or AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, a punishment or judgment from God? The short answer, from many people of faith, is "No! Absolutely not!"

Yet some people have an...

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Choose Life! Taking Action to Be Fully Alive With HIV/AIDS

"... that we too might live a new life." -- Romans 6:4

"How Can I Live With HIV/AIDS?"

There are many ways you can help yourself be hopefully and joyfully alive when you've been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. Many of these techniques to foster a quali...