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_This Positive Life_: An Interview With James Nicacio Img

This Positive Life: An Interview With James Nicacio

When James Nicacio was diagnosed with HIV in 2001, he was deep into his addiction to crystal meth. "At that time, I just decided that if I have HIV and I'm going to die, I might as well just keep partying," he remembers. In this interview, part of ou...

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Comunidad y Recursos de VIH

Esta Vida Positiva: Una Entrevista Con James Nicacio

Cuando James fue diagnosticado con VIH en el 2001, estaba en el apogeo de su adicción a la metanfetamina de cristal. "En ese momento, decidí que si tengo VIH y voy a morir, voy a seguir fiesteando. ", recuerdo. "No se lo dije a nadie, y continué ... ...

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HIV Retreats: A Chance for People With HIV to Kick Back, Find Peace, Get Educated and Connect

Let's face it, HIV is still a very stigmatized disease. But there are some amazing retreats you can go to with other positive people. Some of the options are free, some expensive. Some are carefree holidays. Others are more educational. You can find ...