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Reducing the Risks of Conception: Getting Pregnant When One or Both Partners Is HIV+

If you have decided to have a child, there are strategies for getting pregnant that reduce the risks to the mother, the father and the baby.

The chances of getting pregnant will go up and the risk of an uninfected partner getting HIV will go down if...

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The Role of Heterosexual Men in HIV in Containing the Epidemic


About forty people showed up to attend a workshop at the 13th International Conference focused on heterosexual men. Martin Foreman of the Panos Institute says men are driving the epidemic. "Only when we focus on men will the epidemic change...

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Personal Stories

The Toughest Decision I Ever Made

My name is Rebecca, and I am HIV-positive. When I tested positive in 1990, the first thought that came into my head was "Does this mean that I can't have a baby?" I quickly turned my thoughts to other concerns: How long was I likely to live? Had I in...