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HIV on TV: Why Representation Matters

"Although many major TV networks and streaming services have a long way to go when it comes to being more inclusive of sharing the stories of characters living with HIV, there is some hope," Raven Feagins writes.

Jamie Braxton
Personal Stories

Seeking Treatment Beyond Medication

Jamie Braxton's history of medical conditions both linked and unlinked to her HIV treatment can make her medical bills expensive and any assistance she can get with paying those off is a relief.

Lakethia Conner

A Day in the Life of a Case Manager

An interview with Lakethia Conner, a case manager at Chicago House and Social Service Agency, about about what goes into helping the many clients she sees every year.

Hataria James
Personal Stories

'One Little Prick of the Finger Determined My Life'

While Hataria James is in an incredibly stable place in her life right now, 16 years ago she would have never imagined where she is at today.

More Than a Call Img
Personal Stories

More Than a Call

Angela Jordan and her team take over 700 calls a year from people looking to connect to HIV-related services. "While it is my job, there's a meaning behind it for me," says Angela.

HIV and Mass Incarceration: How Black Lives Are Impacted Img

HIV and Mass Incarceration: How Black Lives Are Impacted

The Black Lives Matter Series: Race, Politics and Restorative Justice Conference explores the challenges and opportunities of transitioning from incarceration to the community, people living with HIV while in jail and prisons, integration with mental...