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PWA Coalition Colorado ceased operations.

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It's All About Gender -- Discrimination

I presented the following keynote address, which has been edited for this publication, at the Pikes Peak Gay and Lesbian Community Center Awards Dinner on February 7, 2004. It addresses the idea of community -- something we all need now in the face o...

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As Trans People, Do We Create Our Own Barriers to Health?

If you are a pre-op or non-op transmale, how many times do you tell your treatment providers that you have a vagina? Do you talk openly about using testosterone and inform your providers about where you get it, how you administer it, and the physic...

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Personal Stories

User's Corner: "Keepin' It Together"

"Man, look like that one is high." That was my first experience with me finding out that I had a problem. Most of us are born with a desire to "indulge." Most of us start with the idea that we are going to have fun and we usually do. Alcohol, cigar...

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Two Pills Once a Day. No Cholesterol or Triglyceride Issues? You Say This Is a Protease Inhibitor? Atazanavir (Reyataz) Gains FDA Approval

Armed with a hell of a lot more data than President Bush had when he took us to war with Iraq, Bristol Myers Squibb gained FDA approval for their new protease inhibitor (PI) atazanavir (Reyataz®). It's the first new protease inhibitor to hit the mark...

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The State of AIDS

"I love my country enough to risk its wrath, by drawing attention to the negative things we don't always want to see."

-- Actor/Activist Martin Sheen, Inside the Actor's Studio, August 2003

I've just returned home from trips to L.A. and North C...