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Project Inform fights the HIV and hepatitis C epidemics by assuring the development of effective treatments and a cure; supporting individuals to make informed choices about their health; advocating for quality, affordable health care; and promoting medical strategies that prevent new infections.

Project Inform Publications

Attaining HIV Health & Wellness

Project Inform created this series of three publications to address commonly asked questions and issues that people face as they come to terms with their diagnosis of HIV or AIDS and begin to address their health needs, including making decisions about starting HIV meds.

After you've tested positive (booklet 1 of 3)
This booklet helps guide individuals on basic things to do after finding out they're HIV-positive, with an emphasis on understanding HIV infection, getting into care, and finding a support network.

Considering treatment & your health care (booklet 2 of 3)
This booklet explores decision making about HIV health, from considering treatment to talking things out with a support network and doctors to thinking more broadly about personal health needs.

What you should know about when to start & what to use (booklet 3 of 3)
This booklet focuses on the issues related to taking HIV medications, including deciding when to start and what to use, planning ahead, considering how treatment may affect one's life, and finding an HIV-experienced doctor.

Fact Sheets

Project Inform Fact Sheets provide detailed information on specific treatments, common infections, and strategies for maintaining health. They are based on the most current information from the latest research in HIV and AIDS.

PI Perspective

Taking a consumer advocate's approach to reporting on medical, governmental and regulatory issues, Project Inform's well-respected, comprehensive treatment journal provides information from the most recent studies, plus perceptive analysis on current AIDS treatment and research.

Web Site

This award-winning web site makes it possible for anyone to obtain free, confidential information. The Project Inform web site includes regularly updated information and alerts, plus the full range of Project Inform publications described in this brochure.

HIV Health InfoLine

A Reassuring Voice

1.888.HIV.INFO (1.888.448.4636, toll-free)
Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm (Pacific Time)

Project Inform's operators live with or are impacted by HIV, and provide valuable insight and support to callers by answering questions about HIV care and making referrals to local services. We have been answering the phone since 1985 -- talking to tens of thousands of people living with HIV and those who care about them. We talk with people across the US about their health and how to live well with HIV/AIDS. Messages can be left and will be returned.

Advocacy Programs

Public Policy

Project Inform's Public Policy program seeks to protect and expand access to quality health care and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS and/or hepatitis C. Over the past 25 years, we have advocated on behalf people with HIV to receive more inclusive services through federal and California state programs, such as the Ryan White CARE Act, ADAP, Medicaid, Medicare and Medi-Cal, among many others.

HIV Treatment and Research Advocacy

Throughout our history, Project Inform has worked to accelerate the pace of discovery in the HIV field. We continue to provide a community voice to inform regulatory and legislative bodies and the national and international research processes. We continue to partner with researchers in government, academia, the community and industry to ensure community needs are met and research is conducted in a timely and ethical manner.

Your Support Keeps Us Going Strong

All services and information are provided to our constituents nationally and internationally free of charge. More than ever, your support makes a difference in our ability to maintain these programs and to meet the information and education needs of the communities affected by HIV and AIDS.

  • Volunteers are the heart of the organization -- initiating projects and supporting vital programs.
  • Donations are always deeply appreciated.
  • Special giving programs such as Partners in Hope, Pledge Partners, and the Memorial and Honor Gift Program offer a range of ways to support Project Inform.

To volunteer, to make a donation or a pledge, or to receive more information on ways to support Project Inform (including making a gift through your will or estate), follow the above links or please call 415.558.8669.

How to Reach Project Inform

Project Inform:
1375 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-2621

HIV Health InfoLine:
Monday through Friday, 10 am - 4 pm, Pacific Time
1.888.HIV.INFO (1.888.448.4636, toll-free)

Office Telephone: 415.558.8669
Fax: 415.558.0684

Latest by Project Inform

July 28 Is World Hepatitis Day: Eliminate Hepatitis Img

July 28 Is World Hepatitis Day: Eliminate Hepatitis

Around the world and around the U.S. organizations and individuals come together on this day to raise awareness of the global burden of viral hepatitis and to influence change.

By Project Inform
Join the Fight to Save Health Care for People Living With HIV and Viral Hepatitis! Img

Join the Fight to Save Health Care for People Living With HIV and Viral Hepatitis!

Project Inform asks for your help to educate members of Congress and save the Affordable Care Act.

By Project Inform
Generic HIV Drugs Will Be a Good Thing, Right? Img
News Analysis

Generic HIV Drugs Will Be a Good Thing, Right?

"It is an open question whether generic competition, at least in the short term, will actually materialize or if it does, lead to reduced prices," David Evans and Anne Donnelly write.

By David Evans and Anne Donnelly for Project Inform
STD Rates Sharply Rise in U.S. Says CDC -- Will Misinformation From PrEP Critics Prevail? Img

STD Rates Sharply Rise in U.S. Says CDC -- Will Misinformation From PrEP Critics Prevail?

"It is almost certain that those who've been most critical of PrEP will use this new report as proof that their concerns about MSM abandoning condoms, whether on PrEP or not, have come true," Project Inform writes. "The data simply don't support that...

By Project Inform
After You've Tested Positive Img

After You've Tested Positive

The main focus of this booklet is to let you know that you can live well with HIV. It may take some time for that message to sink in, because adjusting to this new life may be an emotional road on top of it being a medical one.

By Project Inform
I Have Hepatitis C. What Are My Treatment Options? Img
Hepatitis C

I Have Hepatitis C. What Are My Treatment Options?

As HCV treatment options increase, so does the confusion. This is a good problem: With more treatment options come more opportunities for people with various HCV genotypes, treatment histories and varying levels of cirrhosis. These charts spell out y...

By Project Inform
Fulyzaq (Crofelemer) and HIV Drug-Related Diarrhea Img

Fulyzaq (Crofelemer) and HIV Drug-Related Diarrhea

Fulyzaq is a prescription medicine used to ease the symptoms of non-infectious diarrhea in HIV-positive people who are taking HIV medications. It was approved by the FDA in December 2012. The product is a botanical compound made from the red sap of t...

By Project Inform
No, HIV Is NOT About to Be Cured in Three Months Img

No, HIV Is NOT About to Be Cured in Three Months

The Danish study we highlighted above made a major stir last week, due to some over-the-top coverage from mainstream media. David Evans of Project Inform offers a dose of reality: "Even if researchers hit a home run with this drug, it won't likely be...

By David Evans for Project Inform