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Since 1990, Positively Aware has been the most trusted source of HIV treatment news. It is the only HIV/AIDS treatment journal published by a 501(c)3 not-for-profit AIDS service organization (ASO)—Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN) in Chicago.

Positively Aware provides accurate, up-to-date treatment information for people living with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers. It covers, in detail, all of the most important medical conferences—CROI, ICAAC, and the International AIDS Conference. The magazine serves as an educational tool for many HIV caregivers and helps to provide their clients with the best treatment information available. And Positively Aware is read by influential HIV researchers and policy makers.

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HIV: The Experience Is Your Own, But You're Not Alone in the Room Img

HIV: The Experience Is Your Own, But You're Not Alone in the Room

"I want people to understand that living with HIV is not an obstacle," says Armando Ramirez-Guzman, who has been living with HIV since 2003. "You can live life, go out and have fun, and enjoy a movie date."

By Rick Guasco for Positively Aware
Joshua Stovall
Personal Stories

Losing My Religion: He Lost His Church, but Joshua Stovall Found His Faith

Growing up in his father's church, Joshua Stovall had a religious upbringing. But it wasn't until he became HIV-positive that he discovered the real meaning of faith.

By Rick Guasco for Positively Aware
Rabbi Mike Moskowitz

Religiously Non-Conforming: An Orthodox Rabbi Leads a Movement for Trans Inclusivity

This past summer, Rabbi Mike Moskowitz became the first Orthodox rabbi to serve at the world's largest LGBTQ synagogue, Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, in Manhattan.

By Positively Aware
Robert Suttle

Ending Criminalization of HIV

Having experienced his own ordeal, activist Robert Suttle adamantly believes we are destined to win.

By Robert Suttle for Positively Aware
Which Hepatitis C Treatment Is Right for Me? Img
Hepatitis C

Which Hepatitis C Treatment Is Right for Me?

With so many options, there can be confusion over what hepatitis C treatment to take.

By Enid Vazquez for Positively Aware
Milestones of a Mississippi Man Img
Personal Stories

Milestones of a Mississippi Man

Just days before his 20th birthday, Antwan Matthews tested positive for HIV. It only took him a few hours to make the bold decision to not let his new status bring him down, and to use it to somehow help others.

By David Durán for Positively Aware
From left to right: Daniel E. Mora, Joanna Zanella, Maria Richwine, Eliana Alexander, and J.M. Longoria

No Shame in Sin Vergüenza: A Bilingual Telenovela Targets HIV Stigma

Sin Vergüenza is based on real people and their stories, woven together in composite form, as seen at Los Angeles AltaMed clinics by the show's creators.

By Enid Vazquez for Positively Aware
A hand placing money in a piggy bank
Health Coverage

Pennies From Above: HIV Treatment Can Be Costly, but There's Help

Increasingly individuals have to pay co-insurance (a percentage of the cost of the medication) for HIV medications. The good news is that help is out there.

By Positively Aware
The DMV Balenciaga House Meeting

The Erotic Militarism of AIDS Activist Art

While ACT UP protested for better access to HIV medications in the late 1980s and '90s, artists loosely affiliated with the activist organization were producing some of the most iconic -- and controversial -- images of their time.

By Rick Guasco for Positively Aware
Aunsha Hall-Everett and Michael Everett with daughter Jadenna Monae Elizabeth
Personal Stories

Modern Family

Two same gender loving men in a serodifferent marriage start a family of their own.

By Jourdan Barnes for Positively Aware