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The mission of is to assist community based service organizations in providing timely, accurate and balanced health management information and support to people living with HIV/AIDS.

PositiveWords is a Web site that provides an extensive online library of articles on HIV-related topics in English and Spanish. AIDS Service Organizations are able to access these articles free of charge and use them to create newsletters tailored to meet the needs of their clientele. The Web site provides all the technology and information necessary to create monthly newsletters requiring a minimum of time and effort on the part of the ASO. enables users to select articles and illustrations from a database and place them into pre-designed newsletter layout templates. PositiveWords provides easy-to-use style templates for two, four and eight page newsletters. Users can also enter their own text directly into the Web site templates, resulting in a final newsletter that is customized for their agencies and target audience.

The core element of is the rapidly expanding library of articles written at a 6th to 8th grade reading level in both English and Spanish. Each month, ten new English articles are developed and five articles are translated into Spanish and uploaded to the site. Our site has articles on a range of topics, including adherence, side effect management, principles of HIV treatment, emotional and social support, and health management tools and tips, among others. is designed and published by Dallabrida and Associates and guided by a community Editorial Advisory Board. The Editorial Advisory Board is a committee that is comprised of HIV+ people, doctors and educators from across the country. All articles are reviewed by three members of the Editorial Advisory Board and the managing editor before being posted to the site.

PositiveWords is sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B Treatment for HIV-Positive People

Hepatitis B (HBV) is a virus that can cause liver disease. People co-infected with HIV and HBV have higher HBV viral loads (amount of HBV in the blood) and are at increased risk for liver disease and death. Liver damage from HBV can also make it har...

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Life and Burial Insurance

Why Buy Life Insurance?

Life insurance allows you to leave money to someone after you die.

This can help support a loved one after you die or pay off outstanding bills so that your family is not left with a financial burden.

Life insurance pol...

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Senior Citizens: A Group Often Missed in HIV Care and Prevention

Anna was a peer counselor in the HIV prevention department of our AIDS service agency for just eight months. She was much older than our other women at 62. She called herself the "Mom" of the group.

As a peer counselor, Anna was careful to ensure t...

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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C: A Serious Threat

What Is HCV?

HCV is a virus, like HIV. It can damage the liver and is the number one reason for liver transplants in the U.S. About 4 million Americans carry this virus, and most of them do not know it.

Do You Have HCV?

Only blood tests, ordered b...

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Substance Use

The Horrors of Crystal Meth

In the last few years, the abuse of crystal methamphetamine (also known as crystal, meth, tina or speed) has gotten out of control in the U.S. gay community. One reason this is so alarming is that the abuse of crystal meth contributes to the spread o...

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New Hepatitis C Treatment Options Available

New decisions by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) offer more choices and better treatment options for people living with hepatitis C virus (HCV).

More Ribavirin Choices

Ribavirin is a nucleoside analogue drug -- a chemical cousin of AZT. It i...

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The Other Important Lab Tests (Besides CD4 Count and Viral Load)

Most HIV+ people know they need regular lab tests including complete blood count (CBC), viral load and CD4 cell counts. But the following lab tests are also important for your health:

Liver Function

HIV medications can be hard on your liver. Liver ...

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Fiber May Help Prevent Lipodystrophy

Many HIV+ people are concerned about lipodystrophy. Lipodystrophy refers to the following body changes:

Lipoatrophy (fat loss especially in the face, arms, legs or buttocks) Lipohypertrophy (fat gain especially around the waist or behind the neck)...

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How to Treat a (Pregnant) Lady

How to Treat a (Pregnant) LadyMany HIV+ women are taking HIV medications so they can live longer, healthier lives. As they think about the future, some of these women are deciding that they want to tackle the challenges and experience the joys of bei...

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A Woman's View of HIV Drug Side Effects

A Woman's View of HIV Drug Side EffectsHIV drugs help HIV+ people live longer lives with fewer illnesses. But there are potential side effects associated with all of the drugs. Some of the side effects are worse in women than in men. Fortunately, sid...