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Breastfeeding With an Undetectable Viral Load: What Do We Know?

Why an undetectable does not equal untransmittable in the case of breastfeeding, but why women should be supported to make an informed choice anyway.

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Dumbing Down HIV Treatment Hurts Everybody

There is so much faulty information on what being on treatment means and when to start that it is hurting us all. But there are solutions that can successfully balance patient rights with the benefits of starting treatment early.

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Filling the Void: Canada's National Voice for People Living With HIV Takes Flight

A new organization by and for Canadian people living with HIV has fiven them a strong voice on the national stage. PositiveLite's Bob Leahy reports.

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What It Means to Be Undetectable

Bob Leahy of sat down with AIDS Vancouver to discuss their new campaign, which discusses the importance of being undetectable.

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Howdy, PARTNER: Gay Men and HIV Transmission

PositiveLite editor Bob Leahy sat down with James Wilton to discuss what having an undetectable viral load means for HIV transmission among gay men.

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F**k Poz Guys!

Want to stay HIV negative? "Limit your condomless sex to poz guys and avoid condomless sex with casual negative partners," writes Marc-Andre Leblanc in this guest post.

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A Gay Man Discusses His Decision to Begin PrEP -- Part Three

Len Tooley is an HIV-negative gay guy who is on pre-exposure prophylaxis. In this third of three interviews with, he responds to critics of negative guys who think PrEP is right for them.

Len Tooley is a relatively young, HIV-negati...

By John McCullagh for

A Gay Man Discusses His Decision to Begin PrEP -- Part Two

Len Tooley, an HIV-negative guy on pre-exposure prophylaxis, works as a gay men's health promoter, HIV educator, tester and counsellor. In this second of three interviews, he talks about conversations with his doctor about PrEP and about being on it....

By John McCullagh for

A Gay Man Discusses His Decision to Begin PrEP -- Part One

While finding a PrEP approach that works for women remains a conundrum, among some gay men it's caught on quickly. But as Len Tooley explains, that doesn't mean the decision to start PrEP was easy -- nor is explaining his decision to others who may n...

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Understanding Risk: A Conversation

Bob Leahy: James, you gave a presentation at the Gay Men's Sexual Health Summit in Toronto last week on Understanding and Communicating Risk: Viral Load and HIV Transmission. That's a topic that fascinates us here, and one we've been following on Pos...