Phil Gill

An actor, a teacher, a bartender, a student, and a partner in a magnetic couple, Philip wears a lot of hats in his life. He started taking PrEP on 12/26/13 in an effort to keep himself protected from HIV. He decided to document his experiences in order to help those interested in PrEP.

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Why PrEP? A Blog Entry by Phil Gill

"There is a certain level of closeness with bareback sex that, for me, could not be achieved when wearing a condom," Phil Gill writes in this honest assessment of why he wanted to take PrEP.

By Phil Gill

Changing the Message: A Blog Entry by Phil Gill

Is condom use -- or the lack thereof -- the gay community's dirty little secret? Phil Gill talks about condom use and PrEP messaging in his latest blog.

By Phil Gill

Checking In: A Blog Entry by Phil Gill

Right before his first post-PrEP HIV test, Phil Gill checks in on how PrEP has affected his life so far.

By Phil Gill

Holy Hangover, Batman! A Blog Entry by Phil Gill

Does PrEP increase hangover issues? Phil Gill talks about his very first time recovering from a PrEP hangover.

By Phil Gill

Who Are You? And What Is PrEP? A Blog Entry by Phil Gill

Whether you're just starting your journey with PrEP, or you're already an expert, you can learn from Philip Gill's first blog entry, in which he discusses his decision to take PrEP.

By Phil Gill

Jumping Through Hoops: A Blog Entry by Phil Gill

PrEP has a lot of benefits, and a lot of rigmarole. Phil Gill discusses his experiences getting PrEP.

By Phil Gill