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APLA's Writers Workshop Begins Its Second Decade

Three writers -- two men and a woman -- take turns holding a huge prop pencil, as the photographer adjusts the settings of her camera.

That the writers should pose with the pencil -- a symbol of the writing craft -- for an article about AIDS Project...

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L.A. Syphilis Outbreak Continues

The number of cases of syphilis infection in L.A. County continues to climb at a startling rate, and efforts to control the spread of the disease by county officials and community organizations are stepping up.

"Seventy-seven cases of syphilis have ...

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Old, Old, Old Lang Syne

If my name was an answer on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," the question that Regis Philbin would pose to the contestant would be "Who is the only single man in the United States who has so far failed to line up a date for New Year's Eve before the ...

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If You Have to Ask How Much It Costs ...

Let's tune in to a game show I stumbled across while flipping channels.

Host: "Hey, everybody! It's time for another edition of 'The Price Is Rigged': the game show that pits haves against have-nots in a lively and fun-filled competition for life-su...

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Watching the Detectables

My viral load is detectable again.

But in reviewing my lab results with me a few weeks ago, my doctor did not warn me that my viral load was also now tangible.

So imagine my surprise the other night in bed when I woke up and found a multilegged, in...