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Paul A. Volberding, M.D.

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Should the Treatment of HIV Infection Be Left to Specialists?

During the first decade of the HIV epidemic, when the number of new cases of AIDS was growing exponentially, the consensus was that virtually every office-based physician with a broad clinical practice would eventually see some HIV-infected patients....

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A Kiss Is Just a Kiss

If you were anywhere near a television set last summer, you inevitably heard about that case of HIV infection that appears to have resulted from kissing and kissing alone. And, admit it -- the news gave you at least a moment's pause. You couldn't hel...

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Sex in the Age of AIDS

Physical intimacy is as essential to well-being as proper nourishment. All human beings need to touch and be touched -- and people with HIV may need that contact more than most, because all too often they are denied their fair share of physical intim...