Patrick Ingram

Patrick is a gay African-American male who is living with HIV. Patrick was diagnosed December 1, 2011 (World AIDS Day). Never the kind of individual to accept defeat, he has worked hard to spread awareness, education, resources and support to his community. By using his blog, his YouTube channel, and working alongside the Northern Virginia Gay Men's Health Collaborative and the Fredericksburg Area HIV AIDS Support Services (FAHASS), Patrick has worked hard to empower youth and people of color to know their HIV status and take steps to continue to care for themselves (positive or negative).

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S**t Said to Poz Guys Online

When it comes to online dating, HIV-positive guys have heard a wide range of stigmatizing things from potential partners. Here are a few they've heard.

By Patrick Ingram

Patrick Ingram Interviews Miss America 2010

Patrick Ingram discusses national Black HIV/AIDS awareness day with Miss America 2010, one of the spokespeople for the awareness day.

By Patrick Ingram

Life Gives You Lemons so Make a Stiff Drink: A Blog Entry by Patrick Ingram

Patrick Ingram revisits the room in the health department where he was diagnosed three years ago, and reflects on now delivering HIV positive diagnoses to others.

By Patrick Ingram

Wait a Minute, Did I Take My Meds? A Blog Entry by Patrick Ingram

"Anxiety, nervousness, fear and due diligence keep me on track to continue to the best of my ability to take my medications faithfully."

By Patrick Ingram

Young, Black, Gay/Bisexual/Queer/Trans Men Are In! A Blog Entry by Patrick Ingram

April second through the fourth saw 55 young black men from across the nation meet in Atlanta, Georgia for the YBGLI's second Policy and Advocacy Summit. When I confirmed to my parents that I was gay so many years ago they warned me that my life woul...

By Patrick Ingram

Patrick Ingram's Review of 2013: A Year of Learning and Growing

"I have worked very hard and seen success in my mission to decrease stigma and increase understanding around this virus that affects so many."

By Patrick Ingram

For World AIDS Day, My HIV Diagnosis Day, Finally Conquering My Demons: A Blog Entry by Patrick Ingram

"I will never forget how much weight I lost, the thrush alongside my tongue that I scraped off due to denial. I had always seen myself as invincible and never able to be infected by anything like HIV."

By Patrick Ingram

My First Experience at the U.S. Conference on AIDS: A Blog Entry by Patrick Ingram

So I landed in New Orleans around 11:30 am local time and was full of nervousness, anticipation, and a desire to complete my mission. My mission, which I chose to accept would be to represent people of my organization, NMAC's Youth Initiative, and mo...

By Patrick Ingram