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A Bad Break -- Bone Issues in People With HIV

Introduction Bones and Your Body Osteoporosis and HIV Testing What You Can Do Treatment for Osteoporosis References


Over the last decade, it has been evident that the health issues faced by people who are infected with HI...

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No Such Thing as a Free Lunch: Side Effects of HIV Meds

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Antiretroviral therapy (HAART, ART, or anti-HIV medicines) has indeed come a long way in the last 25 years. ART has allowed for individuals who are HIV-positive to live longer lives. New ART medicines and classes of ART ...

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"Therapeutic Range": Keeping Your Antiretroviral Levels Just Right

This supplement was the brainchild of the late editor of Positively Aware, Charles Clifton. Charles and I met in (appropriately enough) San Francisco, during the Retrovirus conference in 2004 to discuss ways to educate patients about how their body...

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Pharmacokinetics: The Nukes -- Each One Works a Little Differently

The backbone of antiretroviral therapy remains two nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (also called nucleosides or "nukes"), whether you are taking a non-nucleoside or protease inhibitor (Table 2: Antiretroviral Regimens Recommended for Treat...

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Bon Appetite -- Using Food to Boost Your Viracept

Using one anti-HIV (antiretrovirals, or ARV) medication to improve or "boost" the amount of drug that gets into your body (pharmacokinetics) is not a new concept. Various combinations of these have been developed and have shown to improve the numbe...