Nina J. Bri

Nina J. Bri is a mother, college student, HIV activist and advocate. Nina has spent the years since her diagnosis learning about HIV, the stigma attached to HIV, and how HIV affects the lives of those living with HIV or AIDS in America as well as abroad. After attending her first conference, she decided to dedicate as much of her time and energy as possible to being a part of what she deems the solution. She has done advocacy campaigning both on the local and state level as well as the national level. Nina speaks to educate, both on a freelance basis and with Hope's Voice's "Does HIV Look Like Me" program. She utilizes her YouTube for video blogs and her Facebook for outreach, allowing people to ask any question, which she answers and posts for public commentary in the hope to keep the conversation going. She also started the group HIV and Dating, A Woman's Perspective. Nina has been featured in print and television as well as billboards. She has had blogs featured on the MTV Staying Alive campaign, she is a part of the Nebraska Red Ribbon Group, and she currently sits on the board of directors for the ADAP Advocacy Association. Nina enjoys spending as much time possible just being "mommy" to her son. She believes that it is her privilege and honor to be his mother and to be the activist she has become.

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More Than a Statistic: A Blog Entry by Nina J. Bri

"You don't need me to tell you that there is stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. Because of that stigma, we who live with HIV are often afraid. "

By Nina J. Bri

The Journey Is the Gift, the Past Is the Gratitude: A Blog Entry by Nina J. Bri

"When I first found out that I was positive, at three months pregnant, I thought "I am going to die; I am going to infect my unborn child and I am going to die."

By Nina J. Bri

Don't Shut Up, Don't Give Up; Stand Up and Speak! A Blog Entry by Nina J. Bri

"We have to stop pretending that positive people don't have sex, and if we do, only with other positive people," writes Nina J. Bri, an HIV-positive mother, college student, activist and advocate. "When it is two consenting adults who make a choice t...

By Nina J. Bri