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Anal Cancer

Anal Cancer and Colon Cancer: Two Unrelated Cancers

Photo of a cancer cellAlthough some people equate anal cancer with cancer of the colon, the two diseases are distinct and considered to be unrelated. The anus comprises the very end of the large intestine. It includes the anal canal (3-4 cm, approxim...

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Osteoporosis and HIV Disease

Bone Background Osteoporosis and Osteopenia T-Scores and Z-Scores BMD and Standard Deviations Measuring Bone Mineral Density and Bone Loss Risk Factors Osteoporosis in HIV-Positive Persons Role of HAART Low Bone Mineral Density in A...

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Cervical Cancer

Genital Warts

Genital warts may appear both externally (e.g., on the penis, anus, or external female genitalia) and internally (e.g., in the anal canal or vagina). These benign, flesh-colored tumors classically appear as a granular, elevated surface with finger-li...

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Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

The Therapeutic Window Not Your Average Dose TDM and PIs Unresolved Pharmacokinetic Issues Real-World Factors Will Customization Become Routine Practice? Selected Sources

Using a blood test to monitor concentrations of antiretroviral d...