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Visceral Gut Persistence

Hey Nelson, I have read your responses to questions similar to mine, hoping you might have suggestions. I'm 64, poz 20 years. Lab numbers aok until this last year. A1c jumped to 6.3, diabetes runs in family, and that really was a wake up call. I had ...

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Cost of erectile dysfunction injection

where can i get trimex at a reasonable cost, sex shouldnt cost me a 100 a pop..

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Egrifta Dosage

I am a 46 year old man living with HIV and have been prescribed Egrifta by my doctor. I have also recently begun the poWer cycle of testostetone and nandrolone. For the first several months I was receiving the Egrifta, I did not take it, so I have a ...

HIV Undetectable = Untransmittable: Interview With Bruce Richman Img

HIV Undetectable = Untransmittable: Interview With Bruce Richman

Bruce Richman is the founder and executive director of Prevention Access Campaign and Undetectable = Untransmittable, a global community of HIV advocates, researchers and organizations, uniting to clarify and disseminate a groundbreaking, but largely...

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CoQ10 and DHEA

Hi. I'm a female and take kivexa, ritonavir and atanazivir. Is it safe for me to take DHEA 75mg a day and coq10 600mg a day? No other health issues that I'm aware of. I can't seem to find a consistent answer. Probably because there isn't one! Many th...

Ibalizumab: First Long-Acting HIV Treatment Available Now Via Expanded Access Img

Ibalizumab: First Long-Acting HIV Treatment Available Now Via Expanded Access

Ibalizumab, a drug that works against multi-drug-resistant HIV, is now available via the manufacturer's expanded access program.

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Bone density/Heart issues when HIV+ but undetectable viral load

I keep reading that people with HIV+ are more prone to bone density issues, as well as heart issues (I am currently having issues with both - severe pain in my hips and heart palpitations). My question is: if a person adheres to their drug regimen, a...

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Genvoya pills and supplements

Hello sir!! The last month im under hiv med of ganvoya pills.. I wanted to ask you if i could continue the carbohydrate-protein supplement (NLS Gainer) and some months later i'm thinking to use the pre-workout (M-STAK of Animal) for 1-2 months. I rea...

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drinking aloe vera juice

Is there a chance of curing hiv/aids by drinking aloevera juice there any who has been cured by consuming this juice?

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Pregunta VIH

Hola Nelson soy colombiano tengo 22 año soy positivo VIH desde octubre de 2016 empecé a tomar medicamento el 21 de abril de 2017 se llama atripla. Que me recomiendas para tomar algo más . Quiero entrar el gym podré tomar proteína normalmente y que ha...