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Whey, Soy protein ot Egg whites?

Dear Nelson, I read that whey,combined with exercise, helps increase your lean body mass, and perhaps your CD4 count. Can the same be said for Soy Protein or Egg whites? Should we favor one over the other? Thanks a lot

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Genital Warts (hpv)

Can someone tell me how long will I continue having intermittent outbreaks of genital warts? I got hpv about 2.5hrs ago. I have had various treatments (freezing and surgery) I now have the at-home cream; I think I finally get rid of them (around 6mon...

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MUST Supplements

Afternoon (Thanks for the help and support). Question. I just started treatment (@Mexico): Truvada, Atazanavir and Norvir. If you can recommend me the 3 MOST supplements that I should take (just 3 since I dont have a lot of money) which ones would it...

Be a Hero -- Send Your Unused Medications to Venezuelans in Crisis: A Video Blog Entry by Nelson Vergel Img

Be a Hero -- Send Your Unused Medications to Venezuelans in Crisis: A Video Blog Entry by Nelson Vergel

Cristobal Plaza, director of, talks about the medication shortages in Venezuela and how you can help while the situation is resolved one day.

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Undetectable for years but CD4 under 200

Nelson, are there any ways to increase CD4 cells. I have been undetectable for years and my CD4 went from 10 to 350 and slowly down to 190 now. I am concerned. Will I die faster with lower CD4 cells even if undetectable? I looked into IL-2 but it is ...

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SAM-e with Atripla

Is it safe to take SAM-e supplement with Atripla? I'm having trouble finding information about interactions and the scant info I do find is somewhat contradictory.

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Tired of HIV pills- Any injections I can switch to?

Nelson, any news of a cure or injections that will make it possible for me to stop taking daily meds?I am always bloated since I started and I am getting tired of loose stools. My partner said he read about an injection. Thank you.

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45 y/o healthy male with high CPK

CPK tested 750 day after rigorous exercise (soccer 2x/week) and body stays sore for days. Retested normal following one week of no exercise. No current allergies or medications. Am I putting myself at risk if I continue to play? What can I do to comb...

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Hola nelson, esroy muy preocupado. En una fiesta tuve sexo sin protección con una persona, aunque no hubo eyaculación. La persona, me enteré después, que tiene vih muy avanzado. Yo estoy actualmente con Truvada y Efavirenz y estoy indetectable con un...

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I was an athlete

am HIV victim in kenya,and since I tested positive I have never get any one to advice me on whether to continue with my training us athlete or to stay.