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How lucky am I as a long term HIV survivor? I need a number

I have a question that I am hoping you can help me with. I have had this question for a long time. I had tried to research it, but honestly, I haven't really found anything that sheds any light. What I am wondering, considering my personal history, i...

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Human growth hormone and peptides

I read a lot of articles that Human growth hormone and peptides can help if u are hiv +..But what about interactions with antiviral therapy? combination: Ipamorelin 5000mc-5 mg + CJC 1295 5000mcg -5mg + FRAG 176-19 is there some interaction with this...

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Is it safe for me to take Arginine and Glutathione supplements?

Hi I am currently taking Lamivudine, Tenofovir and Efarvirenz. Is it safe for me to take arginine and glutathione for antioxidant support and skin health?

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Trying to reduce internal belly fat

Hi Nelson, I am just about to start Egrifia and I am wondering if I should also go on Metformin? I am not diabetic. I have extremely thin legs and arms and then this hard internal belly fat. Do you think I would get better belly fat reduction with th...

HIV and Inflammation Study: Interview With Vincent Marconi, M.D., About JAK Inhibitors Img

HIV and Inflammation Study: Interview With Vincent Marconi, M.D., About JAK Inhibitors

Already approved for other uses, JAK inhibitors could be a potential treatment for decreasing latent HIV in reservoirs or HIV-associated inflammation. Nelson Vergel talks with Vincent Marconi, M.D., about his reasearch on the drugs.

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Hello, I'm currently taking 6 mg of Serostim everday for a month now. It's been working great, staring to see some change in my body little by little. Side effects are kicking in and I must say they are unbearable. I can't sleep at night. My joints a...

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Nelson Buenos Dias Tengo una pregunta, desde que inicie el tratamieento he venido mejorando mucho, desde el primer momento fui indetectable y los niveles de CD4 han suido progresivamente, pero se me dificulta subir mi peso, mi entrenador me sugirio S...

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HIV and cassein protein supplement

Hi Nelson. Yep, I picked up weight once my immune system started improving and haven't exercise due to depression and an injured back. But I'm on track again and committed to get into shape. I do a lot of cardio regularly but am struggling to eat pro...

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simple excercise

I lost 60 lbs in the last 10 months, by cutting everything in half (food) no carbs after 3 pm and run and or walk between 5 and 10 miles every day, would lie to find a simple diet guide to follow for energy and keep training, i get tired very easy, i...

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Whey/creatine and Prep

Hi Nelson, First of all sorry is this question has already been asked, but I cannot really find any answer in the forum. I am currently on Prep and would like to use Whey and creatine, however, I am not sure how safe this is in combination with TFD. ...