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National Pediatric and Family HIV Resource Center

What is NPHRC?

The National Pediatric & Family HIV Resource Center at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey was a nonprofit organization that served professionals who care for children, adolescents and families with HIV infection and AIDS. Founded in 1990, the center offered education, consultation, technical assistance, and training for health and social service professionals. The center is now closed.

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Foster Care/Adoption Questions


We were told that we were not able to adopt because of my husband's HIV status. We even inquired about a baby with HIV infection needing a home, foster care, or adoption. Again, we were told no. Do you know of any good resources that I migh...

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Universal Precautions: Infection Control

Infection control is an important and ongoing concern in Head Start programs. Children's health is promoted by limiting the potential spread of infection among children and staff. The infection control procedures necessary when HIV-infected children ...

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Custody Battle Question and Answers


I am living with a partner who is HIV+. I am not, but I have 4 kids and my soon-to-be ex-husband is fighting for custody using her status with the virus as a health threat to the kids. Is this true? Are they at risk? We use all precautions ...

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Pediatric Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical Management

HIV Diagnosed at Birth Immunization Recommendations Infants and Testing Suggestions on Making Antiretroviral Drugs More Palatable Women Transmission Referral

Foster Care/Adoption

Adoption Restrictions


Cost of ...

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How to Give Medications to Children

Things to Remember Measuring Medicines How to Mix Medicines with Food or Drinks Giving Medicines to Babies and Toddlers Giving Medicines to Older Children Possible Problems with Giving Medicines Pharmacies and Drug Stores

Things to Rem...

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Pain in Children With HIV/AIDS

Many chronic illnesses can cause pain. Children can have pain caused by their disease or from the tests that are done to them. Children who are sick for a long time tell us that the worst thing about being sick is the hurt they get from tests and tre...

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Well Care for HIV-Positive Children: Choosing Doctors and Tips for Keeping Kids Well

Your Healthcare Team

The effects of HIV infection are not only physical, but also financial, social, and emotional for you and your family. You will need the support of a healthcare team including doctors, nurses, social workers, nutritionists, and ...

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General Questions and Answers


What is the average annual cost of treating pediatric AIDS? Is it the same or less expensive than treating HIV/AIDS in adults?

-- Communications Director, Hoffman States, Illinois US


Thank you for your question. There was some in...

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Infants, Children & HIV: Just the Facts


Pediatric HIV Infection Pediatric AIDS: New Cases Pediatric AIDS: Cumulative Numbers Natural History of HIV Infection in Children Treatment References Services

United States:(1)

Pediatric HIV Infection(2)

Based on case repor...

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Complex Issue of HIV Disclosure to Children and Adolescents in the Forefront

A Summary of the Recommendations on Disclosure of Diagnosis to Children and Adolescents Living with HIV Infection from the American Academy of Pediatrics A Provider Commentary from Sandra Y. Lewis, Psy.D., Psychologist, National Pediatric and Fam...