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Latest by Nancy Wongvipat, MPH

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HAART Works!

HAART stands for Highly Active AntiRetroviral (anti-HIV) Therapy. The first HAART treatments, in 1996, included a protease inhibitor along with two nucleoside analog drugs to fight HIV. Now HAART means any potent combination of three or more anti-HI...

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Pre-Conference Survey Results Shed Light on Needs of Women with HIV


General Demographics Service Provision Other Issues What the Results Mean

Last October, a pre-conference to the National Conference on Women and HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles drew more than eight hundred women living with HIV. The Women's...

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A View From the Prevention Beat -- Women and HIV: A Conversation With Dr. Patricia L. Gay

At the National Conference on Women and HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles last November, Dr. Patricia L. Gay spoke about her work and findings on why women choose to engage in unsafe sex.

I found her presentation and discussion both fascinating and enlighteni...

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Health Matters: Knowing (and Loving) Yourself

Self-image Is a Powerful Force in Our Lives

Who you think you are determines what you do and how you feel about yourself. Negative self-image plays a major role in virtually all the failures of humanity, while positive self-image plays a large role ...

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Substance Use

How You Can Recognize Signs That You May Be Abusing Alcohol

If you are like many Americans, you may drink alcohol occasionally.

Or, like others, you may drink moderate amounts of alcohol on a more regular basis. If you are a woman or someone over the age of 65, this means that you have no more than one drink...

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Wake Up to the Healing Properties of Sleep

Sleep is essential to our physical and mental health.

Adequate sleep may play a role in helping our bodies recover from illness or injury. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation results in a loss of strength, an impaired immune system and an incr...

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Substance Use

Smoking: It Doesn't Make Living With HIV Any Easier

Recent research has examined whether cigarette smoking speeds progression to AIDS.

Studies have shown that HIV-positive smokers are more likely to develop Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) and develop PCP more quickly than non-smokers. These resu...

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Fatigue May Be Sign of Anemia

As many as 80 percent of people with HIV disease may experience anemia, or an abnormally low level of red blood cells.

Red blood cells, also called erythrocytes, are made in the bone marrow. These cells carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. Yo...

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Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) May Detect Drug Failure

Are your antiretroviral drugs being properly absorbed into your body in order to suppress HIV?

If antiretroviral therapy is not working in an individual who is 100-percent adherent to the regimen, drug monitoring of antiretroviral drugs may determin...

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When to Immunize Your HIV-Infected Child?

The information on this page is the recommended immunization schedule for HIV-infected children, adapted from the 1999 USPHS/IDSA Guidelines for the Prevention of Opportunistic Infections in Persons Infected with HIV (updated May 14, 1999). This sche...