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Personal Stories

Our Mexican Flower, Our Beloved; Doña Santa

_Entered This Earthly Life April 4, 1947 Douglas, Arizona _

Entered Eternal Life March 1, 2002 Los Angeles, California

Two smiling eyes are sleeping, Two busy hands are still. The one we love so deeply Is resting at God's will. May she always wal...

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Don't Wait to Get Sick -- Stay in Good Health With Medications

Once you know you're HIV positive, it is a good idea to get a T-cell count and a viral load test. It is important to know your counts because if your T-cells are low and your viral load is high (over 5,000), there are treatments which are immediately...

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A Memorial To A Friend: Roxy Ventola McGrath

Roxy Ventola McGrath died of complications due to aids on November 14, 1994. Survived by her husband Matthew McGrath, her parents Esther and Salvatore Abramo, her brother Jack and by merlin the beagle.

Me and Mary were so devastated by the deaths of...

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International AIDS Conference Fails to Acknowledge Lesbians

Every two years the world's most signified AIDS researchers assemble to disperse cutting edge information to international listeners. The 11th International Conference on AIDS, held July 7 - 12 in Vancouver, B.C. ceded new hope for people living with...

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San Diego Lesbians Dispel Myths About HIV

The workshop "Safer Sex for Bisexual & Lesbian Women", was creative, fun, and sexy. It is refreshing to see young lesbians coming forth to ensure that such workshops are included in the women's conferences programs. "Kudos!" to Melissa Bernstein who ...