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Why Do Men Bareback? No Easy Answers

An excerpt from Without Condoms: Unprotected Sex, Gay Men & BarebackingRoutledge, 2006, List $31.95

"The terrible thing in this world is that everyone has his reasons."

Octave, The Rules of the Game, Jean Renoir, 1939

Toby, a Passive Bare...

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I need therapy

I have United Health Care Insurance through my Domestic partner. It pays 50 of therapy sessions. I need therapy but cannot affford the co-pay. none of the AIDS organizations here will help. Any suggestions in getting help in Wilton Manors/FtLauderdal...

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Stress while waing for latest CD4 count

I tested positive in February, took me a bit of time to pull it together enough to tackle the next phase, of going for CD4 / VL testing. I just took, my third cd4/viral load test. Test dates : July 1, August 4th, Oct 2nd. There is a week delay betwee...

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HIV- BF emotionally destroyed by disclosure after sex

I am + female for 15 years, no viral load, 900+ T4 count and asymptomatic. Last relationship had unprotected sex by HIV- BF choice for 7 mos, and now 8 mos since last sex he has tested - twice negative. I recently met a man and we both feel we've fou...

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Not ready to tell PARENTS but have NO CHOICE

I'm 21 and just found out that I was HIV+ June 5th of this year. I have no problem with my status, but I do have a problem with telling my parents. I've only been out to my parents for 2 years. My Mom threw up when I told her I was Gay and warned me ...

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Wee hours support/ HIV+

Hello. Can you help? I was wondering if there are any on-line HIV+ chat lines for people who are newly diagnosed and who need emotional support. I was diagnosed in November and though I'm starting to see a therapist and I am trying to get into a supp...

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HELP! I'm killing myself with worry.

Hi! I found out I was HIV positive back in 1992, probably infected in 1991. My t-cells have slowly fallen over the years from 700 then, to 325 last month. My percentage has stayed in between 21-24 the last couple of lab tests and my last viral load ...

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Women with HIV

I am a 52 year old heterosexual female who has been HIV+ since 2/90 and was diagnosed 9/94. I am not now in a relationship, but, I would like to be. Unfortunately, I feel like damaged goods and I am certain that if I met someone and told them, they ...

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wellbutrin and facial ticks

I have been taking 300mg Bupropion daily for a few years. I've had minor body ticks and was told this was a side effect of the drug. I am now experiencing a constant facial tick in my lower eyelid. If I have to go off the Wellbutrin what else is ther...

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I have been diognosed withe Neuropathy, along with having high anxioty and depression. I would like to know what spesifictions and facts are used to determine if one would be better treated with effoxor as opposed to proczac