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Michael Fried, M.D.

Dr. Fried is Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of Clinical Hepatology in the Division of Digestive Diseases at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at State University of New York Health Science Center at Syracuse where he also completed a fellowship in gastroenterology. He served for three years as Medical Staff Fellow in the Liver Diseases Section at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Fried's clinical responsibilities and research activities have focused on the diagnosis and management of patients with chronic viral hepatitis. He is the principal investigator on numerous studies evaluating novel antiviral agents for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C. He is the primary author or co-author on over 40 original publications, reviews and book chapters concentrated in the field of viral hepatitis.

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gilbert's syndrome and hepc.

My fiance has a liver problem called gilbert's syndrome along with hep c. Since he has been on the treatment he has been a bit jaudiced and sometimes his eyes are dark yellow. Like I said this did not occur until he began the treatment and it is not ...

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hepatitis C and methadone treatment

Hello, My sister found out she had Hepatitis C about two years ago. She is in methadone treatment and not really considering treatment for the hep c right now. I think she should be actively pursuing treatment...the sooner the better (?). And I worry...

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HBV/HCV in Water

Dear Doctor: Several weeks ago, I had a table shower at a massage place. It's similar to a sponge bath. The woman dipped a sponge into a barrel of soapy water, washed me with it, and then rinsed me with a shower-hose. My question is: Is there any app...

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My Blood Report

I have my blood report with me which I got tested about 3 weeks back. Although, I did not ask for any HIV it is what it says Hamoeglobin - 16.4 gms, Leucocyte Count - 6700 cells/cmm, RBC Count - 5.2 miln/cmm, Packed Cell Volume 47, Platele...

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Transmission of Hep B,Female to male

What are the most common ways hep B is sexually transmitted from a female to a male ? Scott

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Understanding Hepatitis A, AB & B Core AB Total

I was diagnosed with HepC about 2 years ago. Have been abstinent from Alcohol & Drugs for over 4 years. I just got a blood test back that shows the following: 1) HEPATITIS A AB, TOTAL-REACTIVE 2) HEPATITIS B SURFACE ANTIBODY QL- NON-REACTIVE 3) HEPAT...

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Hep B Core positive, everything else negative

I was vaccinated in late 1998 and early 1999. My titers, after that, came back negative still. I received a booster. My titers were still negative. I recently went to give blood, and I was notified of Hep B Core antigen being positive. It was ran ag...

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elevated liver enzymes

my liver enzyme level was shown to be elevated during a recent trip to er. the levels continued to increase from sgot of 89, and sgpt of 160 on february 6 to sgot of 147 and sgpt of 359 by march 4th. during that time i developed sore throat, only sli...

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What are these test suppose to tell you?

Hello! Which on these tests is suppose to test for immunity to Hepatitis B? 1. Hep B Core IGM Ab 2. Hep B Surface Ab Qual 3. Hep B Surface Ag w/reflex Confirm 4. Hep Panel, Acute w/reflex (HbsAg w/reflex confirm, HC Ab, HA Ab Igm, HbcAb, Igm) I a...

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Is there such a thing as an inactive carrier?

I am a lesbian and I'm currently dating a woman who was diagnosed with hepatitis b 6 years ago. She went to the doctor about a year ago and was told that she was a carrier, but was an inactive carrier. I don't really understand what that could mean a...