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Does My HIV Status Affect My Hepatitis C Antibody Test? A Specialist Weighs In

Hepatitis C testing is an essential part of curbing the hepatitis C epidemic. That means making sure people who get tested are aware of how the test works, and what the correct window period for testing is.

By Mathew Rodriguez

If You're Diagnosed With HIV After 45, Early HIV Treatment Is Best for You

According to a new study, for those over 45 who are wondering whether to start HIV treatment, the writing is on the wall - starting later increases mortality, even more so than in younger people.

By Mathew Rodriguez

Obama Releases Updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy to Combat U.S. Epidemic

President Obama recently released an updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy five years after the debut of the first Strategy. Community stakeholders have already begun to comment on what's new, what's missing and what's next.

By Mathew Rodriguez

For Children With HIV, Chewable Meds a New Way to Stay Healthy

Children living with HIV may have trouble taking daily pills. Now, thanks to chewable HIV meds, that problem may be addressed.

By Mathew Rodriguez

Magic Johnson Wants You to Know He Isn't Cured of HIV, He's Just Taking His Meds

Magic Johnson took to the radio to set the story straight and put to bed years worth of rumors. For the record: He is not cured of HIV.

By Mathew Rodriguez

Warrior of Hope: Art Project Shows Us the War on HIV/AIDS Is Not Over

"Warrior of Hope" is a new photography exhibit and art project that asks the viewer to honor those lost in the war on HIV, and seeks to give solace to those who continue to fight the war.

By Mathew Rodriguez

Not Having Food to Eat Linked to Poor HIV Med Adherence, Say Researchers

There's a complicated web of poverty, HIV risk and HIV treatment failure. How does food insecurity play a part in that web?

By Mathew Rodriguez

PrEP and HIV Treatment as Prevention: A Quick Primer on Two Hot Topics (Video)

In most cases, people with HIV can stop transmission of the virus just by adhering to their HIV meds. Now, HIV-negative people can also stop HIV transmission with medication called pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP. This video shows how.

By JD Davids and Mathew Rodriguez

Michael Johnson Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for HIV Transmission, Exposure

Michael Johnson was sentenced on July 13 to 30 years and six months in prison for HIV exposure and transmission in Missouri. The Center for HIV Law & Policy hopes to appeal the verdict.

By Mathew Rodriguez

Are My Antidepressants and My HIV Meds Interacting?

Could your antidepressants and your HIV meds be interacting in ways you didn't know? Dr. Joel Gallant weighs in to give you some peace of mind.

By Mathew Rodriguez