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10 Hep C Myths and Facts

Unlike Pegasus, the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot, hepatitis C is very real. But there are a lot of myths that aren’t rooted in reality. We’ve lined up the facts that counter the most common misconceptions about hepatitis C.

By Mathew Rodriguez

The Silent Struggle of HIV Treatment Adherence

Can we talk openly about imperfect adherence? For people living with HIV who struggle with taking their pills, a new form of HIV treatment in development -- long-acting injections -- may offer relief. But it won't be a panacea for all adherence issue...

By Mathew Rodriguez

An HIV-Positive Professional Discusses His Tumultuous Diagnosis and the Problem With Retention in Care

Adam Thompson was dealing with a lot at the time of his diagnosis. In this interview, he goes through what finally got him into care.

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Could Long-Acting Injectable Meds Soon Replace Daily Pills for HIV Maintenance Therapy?

Long acting maintenance therapy for HIV-positive people with an undetectable viral load may soon be a reality. What does that mean and how will it work?

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If 100 People Were Infected With Hepatitis C (Infographic)

Of those living with hepatitis C, how many will develop a chronic infection? How many will get a serious liver disease or be diagnosed with liver cancer? A new infographic from the Hepatitis C Support Project and HCV Advocate shows you the stats on w...

By Mathew Rodriguez for HCV Advocate

Is My Hepatitis C Genotype Curable? An Expert Weighs In

Hepatitis C affects different people in different ways, especially depending on what type or "genotype" you have. Though some genotypes are rarer, it doesn't have to hinder you from treatment, explains Dr. Lynn Taylor, M.D., F.A.C.P.

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11 Celebrities Who Have Had Hepatitis C

Living with a chronic illness is difficult. Speaking about illness publicly may be even harder. But many celebrities have spoken up about their diagnosis and treatment for hepatitis C.

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Demystifying Hepatitis C for Native Americans: Antonio Gonzalez's Story

"There are no words, we have no experience, no songs, no stories to tell us of something else living inside of us," Antonio shares in this video.

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When 1 Transplant Isn't Enough to Fight Hepatitis C: Nisha Gupta's Story

Nisha wants people to know that hepatitis C is curable, and that it doesn't mean the end of your life. Watch her story.

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Will My Hepatitis C Meds Interfere With My HIV Meds? An HIV Doctor Answers

Sometimes, taking care of two infections can be a delicate dance. Whether or not you treat your hepatitis C while living with HIV is all about getting your footing, as this doctor explains.

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