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Sex Worker Lyle Muns on the Emancipation of People With HIV

"My time in Amsterdam for the 2018 International AIDS Conference has proven that this fascinating city is certainly more 'sex positive' than most," Mark S. King notes.

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HIV Activists March on Amsterdam During International AIDS Conference

On July 23, activists streamed through the streets to loudly -- and often quite colorfully -- advocate for an array of issues that, in large part, have been championed directly by communities of people living with HIV.

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Gay Men From Around the World Share Struggles and Solutions at International AIDS Conference

In his first video report from the 2018 International AIDS Conference, Mark S. King finds out what gay life is really like for men around the globe. Some of their answers might surprise you.

By Mark S. King and Kenyon Farrow

Candidate Kevin Mack Includes Life With HIV in Maryland Campaign

An openly gay candidate running for the Maryland House of Delegates in the 15th District, Kevin Mack has a personal story unlike a typical political biography.

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Long-Term Survivors of HIV/AIDS Speak Up About Their Legacy

Just in time for the annual HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day on June 5, The Reunion Project has released a new video in which people who have lived with HIV for decades discuss their legacy.

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Honoring My Older Gay Brother on 'LGBT Elders Day': A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

"My new post has video of my remarks at a special LGBT Elders event last night, where I honor my brother and he helps me tell our story," says Mark S. King "It's funny. It's sad. It's life."

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Revered AIDS Doctor Gabriel Torres: Redemption After Meth Addiction

Gabriel Torres' ravenous addiction stole his career, his homes, his relationships, and his reputation, all within a few years. Today, he is alive and doing well, having been released from prison in November 2017.

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I Wrote 'The Truth About the 7,000.' Now What?

Mark S. King's essay in POZ Magazine has struck a nerve, with massive views and shares on social media. So, how do we create "spaces where people can be candid about their own treatment challenges and look for solutions?"

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Name HIV Activists Fiercer Than the Positive Women's Network. I'll Wait.

Mark S. King feels the love at Positive Women's Network - USA's Speak Up! National Leadership Summit for Women.

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amfAR Chair Kenneth Cole Must Be Replaced. Here's Five Suggestions. A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

The American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) has been rocked by a scandal this year that involves shoe fashion maven Kenneth Cole, who serves as amfAR Board Chair, and amfAR major donor Harvey Weinstein. Mark S. King offers his suggestions for w...

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