Mark S. King

Mark S. King has been an active AIDS activist, writer and community organization leader since the early 1980s in Los Angeles. He has been an outspoken advocate for prevention education and for issues important to those living with HIV.

Diagnosed in 1985, Mark has held positions with the Los Angeles Shanti Foundation, AID Atlanta and AIDS Survival Project, and is an award-winning writer. He continues his volunteer work as an AIDS educator and speaker for conferences and events.

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Latest by Mark S. King

A Short Film for World AIDS Day Has Arrived. Watch It Right Now.

"An exhilarating new short film produced especially for people living with HIV is about to grab your heart and make you stand up and cheer," Mark S. King writes.

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The History of HIV/AIDS in One Astonishing Poem

Mary Bowman's words manage to capture the entire history of the epidemic -- and they paint gorgeous verbal pictures along the way.

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Thirty Years Later, AIDS Activists Who 'Seized Control' Discuss Their Legacy

"Activism, indeed, matters," Mark S. King writes. "It was humbling to revisit the ongoing legacy of ACT UP and the countless other activists who have had such a profound impact."

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How HIV Activists Helped Create the Jeff Flake Elevator Moment

HIV activists were involved in the soul-gutting footage of women confronting Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. It's a fascinating story.

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AIDS2020 Will Welcome All the Right People to the USA. What a Travesty.

"It is every bit as absurd as it sounds," Mark S. King writes. "The International AIDS Society (IAS) plans to hold their global AIDS2020 conference in San Francisco -- an insanely expensive and privileged city located in a country that has become dan...

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Five Takeaways From the 2018 United States Conference on AIDS

Mark S. King tells us what at this year's USCA made the biggest impact on him and his work as an HIV advocate.

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Mark S. King: My Final Thoughts on AIDS 2018, and a Farewell to Amsterdam

In Mark S. King's final video report from Amsterdam, he reviews the stories that captured his imagination at AIDS 2018, and he looks ahead to the looming controversy about AIDS 2020's scheduled location in San Francisco.

By Mark S. King

How David Furnish Feels About HIV Funding, PrEP, U=U, and the AIDS 2020 Controversy

The elegant chairman of the Elton John AIDS Foundation and husband to Sir Elton John joined Mark S. King on-camera at AIDS 2018.

By Mark S. King

A Gay Sauna Strives to Wipe Out Hepatitis C

The NoMoreC campaign is sponsored in part by Sauna NZ, a gay bathhouse in Amsterdam. So it seemed only appropriate for Mark S. King to head over to the sauna for a little quality time.

By Mark S. King

A Gay Sex Club Tour and a Chat With a Kinkster at AIDS 2018

Mark S. King explores the dark nooks and crannies of Amsterdam's most infamous gay sex venue, Club Church; has a candid conversation with manager Anne Rodermond; and talks with "Amsterdam Kinkster" Chris Vincent about leather, fetish sex, and safety ...

By Mark S. King