Maria T. Mejia

I am a Colombian female who lives in Miami, Florida. I've been positive for 20 years. Although almost all my life I've been in long-term relationships with HIV-negative men, I am happily married to a woman who is wonderful and caring. We have been together almost three years and she is HIV negative. I have no children but we will look into having! I am an activist, a peer educator, a caregiver. I volunteered for the Red Cross in education for the Hispanic HIV community and also the American community. I was a pre- and post-test counselor. I have spoken in many conferences and done a lot of outreach in the community, especially in the schools for prevention and education. It is part of my everyday life to educate everyone I can on this subject. Being HIV positive is nothing to be ashamed about! We are strong women, and we will take away all the stigmas slowly but we have to open up.

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Latest by Maria T. Mejia

A Year of Lessons, and by Far the Hardest Year of My Existence

"I can't wait to start the year and optimistic that all of these trials were learning lessons," Maria Mejia writes.

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project

Why My Ex and Best Friend Li and I Broke Up After 10 Years Together and Married Legally

In this sad tale of immigration, HIV, and the insurmountable hurdles involved, Maria Mejia recounts the end of her marriage.

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project

Important HIV Cure Survey -- Calling All Women Living With HIV in the U.S. to Participate!

"Many HIV cure studies so far have only had men participating, and it is important that women let researchers know our thoughts and needs as well," Maria Mejia writes.

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project

My Response to Someone Who Denies Undetectable = Untransmittable: A Blog Entry by Maria T. Mejia

"I will try to explain with humility and respect the reason why it hurts us to deny the truth and not support the science that says that undetectable = untransmittable," Maria Mejia writes.

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project

Mi Respuesta a una Persona que Niega a Indetectable = Intransmisible

Tratare de explicar con mucha humildad y respeto la razón por la cual nos hace daño negar la verdad y apoyar a la ciencia que dice que indetectable = intransmisible!

Esta fue una respuesta a una persona que no mencionaré porque esto se trata de todo...

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project

We Demanded U Equals U! We Demanded the Truth and We Got It in IAS 2017

"As patients and advocates of others, I know that by educating ourselves and others we take the control back," Maria Mejia writes. "We have to be proactive with our health and fight."

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project

Health Is a Human Right and I Am Not a Carrier! A Blog Entry by Maria T. Mejia

"Why don't you get educated Mr Trump?" Maria Mejia writes. "Not only are you stigmatizing us but you are gutting us and even cutting funds for research to find the HIV cure!"

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project

What One Day Can Do! A Blog Entry by Maria T. Mejia

Maria T. Mejia is excited to be celebrating receiving her best T-cell count ever.

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project

If I Am Undetectable I Can't Transmit the HIV Virus: A Blog Entry by Maria T. Mejia

Maria T. Mejia created a video to get the message out that undetectable equals untransmittable, saying "we need to be visible and we need to reach main stream media."

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project

Soy Indetectable y no Puedo Transmitir el Virus del VIH

Quiero que todos vean la falta de educación que hay en todas partes! Por eso es importante mostrar nuestras caras y salir de la oscuridad! Esta es una condición humana que es 100% prevenible y como he explicado en el video, si una persona que vive co...

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project