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So You Want to Have a Baby?

How Is HIV Transmitted from Mother to Child?

HIV can be transmitted during pregnancy, during delivery and through breast milk.

What Are the Risks?

Let us first consider the risk. Nearly 60 percent of the women becoming pregnant today in some clini...

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Counterfeit Form of Serostim Discovered

Recently Serono became aware of a counterfeit form of Serostim, a product that has been approved for the treatment of wasting. Presently most of the reports have come from California. The counterfeit product was neither produced nor distributed by Se...

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To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

Last winter my infectious disease doctor told me to ask my primary care doctor for flu, pneumococcal, and tetanus vaccine shots. Due to some mix-ups in their office, I was unable to get the shots that season. As a result, I decided to wait the spring...

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Absolute Wellness -- The Brandon Ross Abernathy Community Center

Each month I come to you with an article about an AIDS service provider. This month, in honor of National Women's History Month, I start a two-part article in this issue that will conclude in our April issue. In these articles, I will share with you ...

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Personal Stories

HIV, Pregnancy, and Me

Five years ago I learned that I was pregnant. A month later I was told that I am HIV-positive. Today I am pregnant by choice, but in the last five years, there has been a number of changes to the care of women who are pregnant and HIV positive. I wil...