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Latest by Marcy Fenton, M.S., R.D.

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Nutrition & HIV: Sizing Up Serving Sizes

Does Size Matter?

Yes. The terms "small," "medium," and "large" mean different things to different people, and there are no standard definitions.

Not so long ago, a small drink meant six ounces, medium was eight ounces, large was twelve ounces and ...

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Nutrition Watch: My Lipids Are Rising! My Lipids Are Rising!

Increased lipid levels, which may lead to heart disease, are occurring more often among people with HIV.

Powerful HIV medications may be the driving force behind this rise. Reports of how many people have high lipid levels vary from 11 percent of in...

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Diarrhea: It's Not Something That You Just Have to Learn to Live With

Many people living with HIV/AIDS struggle with diarrhea every day.

They don't bring it up and they don't readily talk about it. When asked if they have any current HIV symptoms, they say "no," forgetting or not realizing that the diarrhea they have ...

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Nutrition Watch: Medical Nutrition Therapy Is Vital

Medical nutrition therapy should eventually become more available and more a part of your total HIV medical care.

In September, the Los Angeles County Commission on HIV Health Services (LACHHS) approved a document titled "Guidelines for Implementing...

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Lipodystrophy and HIV: Abundant Questions, Scarce Answers

A year has passed since I reported from the World AIDS Conference in Geneva about "lipodystrophy syndrome."

Much has happened since then. Within the last year, four conferences have been held where researchers have addressed lipodystrophy and presen...

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Nutrition Watch: Is Drinking Water Sold in Vending Machines Safe for People with HIV?

Early in September the local news media reported that the water sold in vending machines is not as safe as we would like to believe.

According to these reports, as many as 62 percent of the machines which advertised "purified" water contain dissolve...

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12th World AIDS Conference: Combating HIV With Good Nutrition

Leading HIV nutrition researchers gathered in Geneva in June and July for the 12th World Conference on AIDS and a daylong symposium, entitled "Update on Wasting, Metabolism and Altered Body Shape in HIV/AIDS," held prior to the international conferen...

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Practicing Good Nutrition Habits When Using Fortovase

With many people with HIV using protease inhibitors, more attention needs to be paid to the nutrition considerations of taking and coping with these medications.

As a registered dietitian specializing in HIV care, I have found that the focus of my w...

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Vitamins & Supplements

Nutrition Watch: Using L-Carnitine

Individuals taking adefovir dipivoxil (brand name Preveon) also need to take a nutritional supplement known as L-carnitine.

The reason is that dipivoxil, the molecule attached to the active part of adefovir dipivoxil and needed for absorption of the...