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Marc K. Hellerstein, M.D., Ph.D.

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Which T?

Which form of supplementary testosterone injection is the most common/appropriate for treating wasting or general low energy?

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What is Testosterone %Free?

I recently had a total testosterone level and a free testosterone level done to check reason for fatigue,lack of libido and inability to maintain erection. My total testosterone level was done at the local lab reported at high 1330 normal(260-1000ng/...

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positive woman looking like six month pregnant

Hi, I'm positive since 1985. I'm on triple therapy (Viramune, Zerit? Videx) since 1/ 1/2 year and I'm doing well. But: I'm experiencing fat loss in face, arms and legs. At the same time i Look like 6 month pregnant (also my breast) Question: Is Zeri...

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Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone and SHBG

I have been testing my Testosterone levels for over a year now, and mostly I have a low total testosterone index (+/- 300 ng/100 ml), but a 'normal' free testosterone index (+/- 10 ng/100 ml), with a sex hormone binding globuline of 0.54 ug/100ml. My...

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Non-existent HDL, dr. mystified...

I've been HIV+ for about 5 years, and I've been on Combivir/Viracept for the last 3.5 years or so. While taking the drugs my vl was always undetectable, and my CD4s were between 600-1200 (usually high 700s). I've also been on testosterone replacement...

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fat loss & muscle

I have access to any steroid I want including serostim. I would like to know which one will I get the best results for in order to lose weight and gain muscle? please let me know which one to take for how long and how much. I'm about 5'7" 170lbs? tha...

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Update: Treatment of HIV-Associated Body-Composition Abnormalities

Cachexia has been seen in individuals with advanced HIV disease since the earliest days of the epidemic. Indeed, weight loss of unexplained origin was a defining symptom of both ARC and frank AIDS during the epidemic's first phase, when we did not kn...