Lynne Gabriel

Lynne Gabriel has been providing workplace education for 11 years. WorkPositive, formed with her two HIV-savvy partners in February 1999, provides services to employers and employees that include assessment, communications and training in HIV and hepatitis, business writing, cultural competence, managing the foreign-born employee and improving emotional intelligence (EQ). Lynne is certified by the State of California as an HIV testing counselor and also works as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Dependency Division. Lynne is certified in administration and interpretation of the BarOn EQi -- the leading assessment for evaluating emotional intelligence.

Categories Covered:Legal Issues, Financial Issues, Disclosing Your HIV Status, HIV Stigma and Discrimination, HIV/AIDS Outside the U.S.

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Graduate Hiv +

Where can i find a job with my status, i am working now but i want to work in overseas the requirement is medical test, HIV included.

By Lynne Gabriel

HIV+ Working

I have searched everywhere for information on being HIV + and working in the medical field. I am a nurse and have been restricted from doing IV's, Blood draws, ect. What are the rules?

By Lynne Gabriel

What should i do?

Hi, i was tested hiv positive on decemer 2005, i came to this country with student visa, and last year i changed for H1B visa, my question if there anyway to get my residence if i'm positive, i had been in this coutnry for 6 years always with legal s...

By Lynne Gabriel

Any Risk with Touching a Prostitute?

Is there any risk associated with touching the hands or money of a prostitute? Let me explain, my friend sells flowers, and one of the places she sells them is a bar in a bad part of town. She says often, the prostitutes will approach her and then re...

By Lynne Gabriel

Pre-employment drug testing and HIV implications

Let's say that I apply for a job at company X and they require a drug test. I take the test and I test positive for something due to my HIV status. Do I have to tell the potential employer of my status to dispell concerns of my testing positive. Do I...

By Lynne Gabriel

HIV + Waitress concerns me

I am the owner of a restaurant in Pennsylvania. I recently discovered that one of my waitresses is HIV +. Does Pennsylvania have any restrictions on her working with food, and must I adhere to any precautions to stay within the law? Am I required to ...

By Lynne Gabriel

Being Discreet in the workplace?

I have been HIV+ for ten years now. I started feeling sick in June of 98.The side of my face started breaking out in warts caused by the virus. My cells dropped considerably and my viral load was high. I took a leave of absence from work for a couple...

By Lynne Gabriel

Ethics of AIDS disclosure for massage therapists

What is your opinion about Massage Therapists disclosing the fact that they have AIDS to their clients? Do the clients have the right to know? What is the difference between AIDS and HIV? If the drugs are working and my cell count is up, do I still h...

By Lynne Gabriel

Certificate of Insurability

I may be switching jobs soon and have been insured under the group health plan of my current employer for about 8 years. Under HIPAA, you mentioned that as long as you have been insured under another plan for the prescribed period under the new plan,...

By Lynne Gabriel

can I be tested for hiv for a civil service job

I am applying for a position for the Las Vegas police Department.I am in great health and have been for a long time. I have passed most of the requirements for this position but the last being a medical exam.It states they perform routine blood work....

By Lynne Gabriel