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Lynn E. Taylor, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Lynn E. Taylor, M.D., F.A.C.P., A.A.H.I.V.S., is an HIV specialist focusing on prevention and care of HIV/viral hepatitis coinfection. She is an assistant professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases at Brown University, and attending physician at the Miriam Hospital in Providence, R.I. Dr. Taylor is a published researcher and frequent lecturer on issues pertaining to HIV and coinfections with hepatitis C virus (HCV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV). Her research involves extending HCV care to persons with HIV and co-existing psychiatric disorders and drug addiction; incident HCV (new HCV infections acquired after HIV infection) among HIV-positive gay men and other men who have sex with men; and improving HCV screening in HIV-infected populations. She developed and directs Miriam Hospital's Coinfection Program, providing comprehensive HCV and HBV care to people living with HIV infection who have co-existing psychiatric illness, ongoing substance use and frequent interaction with the criminal justice system. Dr. Taylor received her B.A. from Harvard in 1988. Prior to medical school, she worked as a women's health educator/contraceptive counselor, as a crisis intervention counselor in domestic violence and rape cases in a Massachusetts District Attorney's office, and at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. She received her M.D. from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 1997, and completed internship and residency in general internal medicine at Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital. Dr. Taylor completed an NIH/National Institute of Drug Abuse Research Fellowship at Miriam Hospital in 2005 on prevention and treatment of infectious complications of addiction. Dr. Taylor works in the community running Rhode Island's first free HCV and HBV testing, education, vaccination and referral center, and as managing physician of a community based organization dedicated to the care of persons with and at risk of HIV infection. Dr. Taylor's research on HIV/viral hepatitis coinfection has appeared in many journals, including Clinical Infectious Diseases and the Journal of Addiction Medicine. Disclosures Dr. Taylor reports that he has no significant relationships to disclose.

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Cut Off Value of ELISA

My mother ELISA test value regarding Hepatitis C is 2.24 while the cut off value is 0.2. What would you suggest regarding the health of my mother. Regards,

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how curable is it

74 years old ,diabetic with hcv load 4.3 lakhs. and genotype 3 , prescribed sofosbuvir -400mg (hepacinat) and ribuvarin for 6 months. do u think it will cure at all?

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HCV exposure

Dear Ms. Taylor, I would like to ask you following: I have protected sex, however under recreational drugs with an HIV positive man, I am positive as well. I am not sure whether he has Hep C. Therefore I went after 36 days for HCV antibody test which...

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Immune or not?

I am entering nursing school and either need to receive the Hep B series or show proof I had the series done. I got the series in 1992 or 1993, I requested a titer to be drawn. My lab result showed the test they drew was a Hep B Core Ab, was this the...

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HCV Antibodies exposure

Dear Dr. Taylor, I would like to ask you following: I have protected sex, however under recreational drugs with an HIV positive man, I am positive man as well. I am not sure whether he has Hep C. Therefore I went after 36 days for HCV antibody test w...

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Hiya. HEP C.

My friend just found out he has HEP C . Well me and him lived together for about 6 months we must shared towels and drank from the same plastic bottles shared lots of cigarettes and even at times used the same nutmeg grater to grinding down solid can...

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will i be cured?

i am 75 yrs old hemodiyalysis patient,chronic diabetic , diagonised with hcv viral load of 4.3 million now being given sofasbuvir and ribavarin for 24 weeks. will it work for me?

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Testing for Hep C

I have hep c.My Dr.sent me for a CT Scan canceled my liver biopsy.From test already done results show low platlets,enlarged spleen,esophogeal varices veins.She has told me she thinks I have cirrhosis.So she only had me go for CT.Will that show how mu...

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hepatitis b carrier

i am 29 year old n could u tell me the diet for hepatitis b and can i go for hep a vaccine thanks in advance

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Please I need help can anti hbc and hbsag be negative at the same time in escape vaccin mutant

hi my girlfriend have hepatitis b so after I know that I get tested for hepatitis b panel my results was hbsag negative and anti hbc igm negative and anti hbc total negative and anti hbs >1000 immune to hepatitis b I had a vaccine 12 years ago in sch...