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Hepatitis C

My Fight for a Hepatitis C Cure

I thought I had dodged a bullet. I had stopped using heroin intravenously in the early '70s and tested HIV negative. My husband wasn't so lucky -- he died of complications from AIDS in 1987, two years after our son died from SIDS. I started going to ...

Entry Inhibitors: The Ups and Downs of Drug Development

I have been an AIDS activist since 1986 but just when I thought I'd seen it all, the seesaw phenomenon that is drug development caught me off-balance again. Entry inhibitors (EIs) have made HIV drug development an even more dangerous roller coaster r...

Personal Stories

Disco Queen Née Policy Gadfly Recalls Decade of Seismic Shifts in Clinical Landscape

Revolution of Pragmatism As doting friend, renegade attorney and seasoned circuit goer, Lynda Dee sometimes seems to have made a life out of rescuing buddies from their fixes. The boisterous, unflappable doyenne of John Waters-ville has, as she may ...