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The Stigma of It All: A Blog Entry by Lynda Arnold

1992 was supposed to be a great year for me. I had just graduated from college with my nursing degree. I was ready to take on the world. I had chosen to focus on critical care nursing and found a job at my local hospital in the Intensive Care unit. I...

By Lynda Arnold

Battling My Most Recent Loss

A driver's license is a terrible thing to lose, Lynda Arnold recounts. Living in Los Angeles without a license and having to go to multiple doctor's appointments can be a quick road to frustration.

By Lynda Arnold

Baby Steps! 20 Years Later ...

"Somewhere in the past 13 years, I took a solid break from HIV," recalls Lynda Arnold. "Today I'm back, crawling as it may be, not yet ready or able to run, barely able to walk."

By Lynda Arnold