Lynda Arnold

Lynda Arnold, RN, BSN, MBA, was one of the first health care workers to go public after her occupational infection with HIV by an accidental needlestick in 1992. She successfully launched a nationwide campaign for safer needles in hospitals and medical facilities which resulted in the passage of federal legislation mandating the use of such devices in facilities nationwide to protect all health care workers from accidents such as hers. For many years she was a sought-after speaker on living with HIV/AIDS as well as health care worker safety issues, and she traveled the globe educating others. She garnered many awards, national distinctions, authored two children's books, and was the subject of an award-winning documentary. After the birth of her youngest son, Lynda chose to step away from the public eye and focus on raising her young family without the spotlight. As a blogger for, this marks her reentry into the public eye -- 20 years after her infection. She can be reached for further engagements, commentary and questions through her email.

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Latest by Lynda Arnold

Counting My Blessings, Remaining Undetectable, and Continuing to Move Forward: A Blog Entry by Lynda Arnold

"It's that time of year again. Holiday bustle. End-of-year reflections. World AIDS Day remembrances and calls to action. In my home, my days are busy [d]ays I truly once thought I'd never live to see."

By Lynda Arnold

Getting Ready for Year 25 With HIV! A Blog Entry by Lynda Arnold

"HIV is me. I am HIV. HIV has -- not singlehandedly but so substantially -- made me the woman and the mother I am proud to be. I make no apologies for that."

By Lynda Arnold

My HIV Anniversary Date, With a Changed Perspective: A Blog Entry by Lynda Arnold

Lynda Arnold says the current political situation is so messed up that her 24th virus anniversary seems inconsequential because -- unlike others -- she's still here and doing OK.

By Lynda Arnold

The Day My AIDS Dementia Diagnosis Went Away

Lynda Arnold recounts how a diagnosis of AIDS Dementia Complex impacted her life and the journey that led to the day she was handed back the keys to her life.

By Lynda Arnold

Advocacy Is a War Worth Waging: A Blog Entry by Lynda Arnold

"In just the past few months alone I have had to advocate for my own medical needs not just once but several times," Lynda Arnold writes. "After a major personality clash and what I perceived to be discriminatory treatment by one of LA's largest medi...

By Lynda Arnold

Gender Inequality and HIV in South Africa: Learning From Dr. Wendee Wechsberg of RTI's Global Gender Center -- A Blog Entry by Lynda Arnold

Just back from a conference on gender inequality, HIV, drug use and violence, Lynda Arnold senses that real change is in the air, thanks to people like Wendee Wechsberg, Ph.D., of RTI International.

By Lynda Arnold

Universes Collide: Volunteerism, Charlie Sheen and My Depression -- A Blog Entry by Lynda Arnold

"Instead of opening a national discussion on prevention medicine and the importance of getting into care, the media circus seemed to be more entrenched with the salaciousness of potential wrongdoings and shameful pasts," Arnold writes.

By Lynda Arnold

Reflect and Refocus With HIV: A Blog Entry by Lynda Arnold

Back from a week-long HIV cruise, Lynda Arnold began to question if we did enough to teach the younger generation, and shares the struggles of living with HIV-related dementia.

By Lynda Arnold

In the Hustle and Bustle of Fall, No Day but Today! A Blog Entry by Lynda Arnold

"Easy to take a few pills a day and get on with your life?" blogger Lynda Arnold asks of those who think HIV is no big deal. "Maybe; it doesn't seem to come that easy for me." Still, despite health challenges and hospitalizations, Lynda is enjoying l...

By Lynda Arnold

Looking Forward to the Next 22! A Blog Entry by Lynda Arnold

"What is there to discuss when you are 23 and you think your life is over?" Blogger Lynda Arnold recalls the day she was diagnosed HIV positive, 22 years ago -- and the loved ones who supported her then and are still by her side.

By Lynda Arnold