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Latino MSM: Identifying Needs, Eliminating Barriers Img

Latino MSM: Identifying Needs, Eliminating Barriers

What are the barriers that stand between gay Latino men and good HIV prevention, care and treatment?

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P(r)aying for PEP

Recently, an HIV service provider in New York City shared his experience after being exposed to HIV through sexual contact. He is well-informed about HIV and had received information about HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) at an ACRIA training. It ...

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HIV and Women Around the World

Worldwide, approximately as many women as men are living with HIV, but there are important differences between women and men in the underlying mechanisms of HIV infection and in its social and economic consequences. These stem from biology, sexual be...

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Before and After: PrEP and PEP

One of the more surprising discoveries of the last decade was that HIV meds could not only treat HIV infection, but also prevent it. Using these drugs soon after exposure to HIV has become an accepted practice, but using them before exposure remains ...

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Sobre el HIV

Antes y Después: PrEP y PEP

Uno de los descubrimientos más sorprendentes de la última década ha sido que los medicamentos contra el VIH no sólo tratan la infección, sino además la previenen. Usando estas medicinas rápidamente después de la exposición al VIH ha sido una práctica...

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Sex Workers

Sex Workers and the Spread of HIV: What's the Real Story?

A smartly dressed couple check into a four-star city hotel armed with a bottle of champagne and condoms. In a building across the street, a couple who has just met is putting on a condom. In a parking lot of the local high school, in the backseat of ...